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Amazon's New Reality: Concentrate Deals with Free Shipping

Original Article: Offers free shipments to the country in purchases of 49 dollars or more for an unknown time - and it's time to recognize the rare deals that result

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You've probably heard - Amazon suddenly offers shipping to the country at no extra cost Rule 49 buys and above, and no one really knows how long this generous offer will be valid. Because it can disappear as quickly as it did this morning, we strongly recommend that you take advantage of it as soon as possible, which is why we have prepared some deals that have become shorter than ever in the recent benefit.

Visit DualShock 4 Wireless for God- 4 is available at a great price of 44 dollars for the black shade (and there are a few more shades plus a few single bucks for the price). Add him another product that gets free shipping at a cost of $ XNUM or close and hop! You will receive both items along with free shipping, so the cattle price will be NIS 5, compared to NIS 155 or higher here in the country.

The blue model of the cattle, previously available as a limited edition, can be purchased for 50 dollars, with free shipping - so the price is a little less than NIS 180.

Click here to go to the product page - DualShock 4 Black

Click here to go to the product page - DualShock 4 Blue

This beautiful shade awaits you, alongside the black, red, golden and military camo shades

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The MX Master 2S quality and ergonomic mouse Receives a great price cut - Although for the black shade only and not for the white and blue as well, but with the price of 67.09 dollars without the need for VAT or shipping that brings the cost to about NIS 240 (almost NIS X less than the cheapest offer in Israel), It's hard to argue.

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Now find out with tens of percent off the local price

drive Proper and lucrative A400 king size 480GB and 2.5 inch configuration with SATA3 interface will be yours at a minuscule price - 50 dollars only, without shipping fee and no VAT of course. Price of NIS 180 - 37 per gigabyte You will receive.

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As this picture implies unintentionally, the current deal also offers very interesting and lucrative combinations of your choice - 480GB drive along with a final 120GB drive for $ 70, three 120GB drives for 60 dollars, a pair of 240GB drives for 64 dollars and the like

Another great illustration of the huge potential of free shipments in relatively large and heavy products - the Ryzen 3 1200 quad-core modular processor can be yours for $ 59.79 including body And with no extra $ 10 on shipping. Only 210 for a modern processor that fits perfectly with basic home systems.

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External compact mechanical hard drive of At 2 terabytes is sold at 54.99 dollars, and that's all - NIS 195.

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Kraken Tournament Edition Advanced Wired Gaming Headset , With support for 7.1 audio channels and an external DAC based connection Make sure the user receives the best quality audio input. The price? 74.99 dollars without shipping, NIS 265 versus NIS 340 or higher in Israeli stores.

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A compact and good looking mechanical keyboard, the HyperX Alloy FPS Pro with Cherry MX mechanisms Or Cherry MX Blue of your choice, sold for $ 69.99 with no need for extras - a little less than NIS 250.

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Aspire E15 Basic Portable Aspire E15.6, with 1080-inch 3p resolution, dual-core Core i8130-6U processor, XNUMXGB dual-channel dynamic memory, 1-megabyte mechanical drive, system 10 home version and built-in optical drive - all in 371.03 dollars including VAT and shipping, ie NIS 1,315.

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Another not to miss is Lenovo's fresh Flex 14, which features a full-HD 14.1-sized touchscreen, Ryzen 5 3500U quad-core chip with a built-in Vega 8 graphics unit, memory Of 12GB, Drive Of 256GB, a system 10, a custom touch pen that is included in the price and hybrid configuration with a spindle that can rotate 360 degrees to function as well When necessary. All of this complex is available at a final price of NIS 660.15, or NIS 2,335, including a 1 percent conversion fee for the value of the entire transaction.

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Mobile hybrid with Modern quad core for only NIS 2,300 - a deal you don't meet every day

Keep in mind that it is always better to pay in the local currency of the site you are purchasing (US dollars, in this case), and avoid the NIS conversion service offered to you Because they are significantly more expensive than the conversion fee charged by your credit card company.

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updating: Despite the network rumors of only 48 hours, the free shipping offer is still valid now, with the clarification that You can stop it at any time - so get all the products you care about before the celebration is over.

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