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Amazon drops bomb: Free shipments to Israel, for a limited time

Bachelor Day in China? Old news. Manages to bump the enthusiasm of shopping enthusiasts to a new level Its own which includes free shipping to the country for almost all the products in the purchase for over 49 dollars

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There have been rumors on the Internet about a possible move from Amazon to try to make consumers forget about Chinese Bachelor's Day specials - but it is doubtful anyone could have foreseen this madness. The American version of the huge online store has launched an unprecedented offer with free shipping offers for most products that are marketed or handled by their logistics (Fulfilled by Amazon), even without the need for a subscription Prime Paid - All it takes is to make a purchase of $ 49 or higher, with the page of each product stating whether it is included in the free shipping venture or not.

50 Dollar base amount for free shipping creates a particularly interesting bar of products priced between 50 Dollar and 75 Dollar - which can now actually be obtained both without VAT and without shipping cost which in most cases is 7 Dollar as a minimum. In other words - It's time to start loading.

This was certainly not expected

There is no official reference to this exciting operation as the answer of Bachelor's Day Deals in Online Chinese Stores (And Not Only With Them), But It's Hard To Believe That It Is An Incidental Coincidence - And The Mission Seems Successful, Because The Israeli Network Has Momentarily Left The Focus On Specials From The East And Launched In Reports Of Products Becoming Extremely Affordable For Purchase Jeff Bezos.

No need to get into trouble with codes or coupons - just add your products to your shopping cart as usual and see the final discount just before you buy

It is worth noting that especially heavy products, where shipping costs can reach tens and even hundreds of dollars, are still largely unavailable in the promotion - vacuum cleaners, computer screens, desktops and the like will still require full VAT and shipping charges, although in the same breath Heavy products like video cards, power supplies, fixtures And computers Are included in the venture, and can earn you a discount of 20 dollars or even 30 dollars from their original price.

The explanatory page for the new proposal does not specify an end date for it, though past experience is hard to believe it is a long-term situation - in the past, free shipping offers from Amazon over a certain amount "survived" a few days before suddenly disappearing and without warning, just as they first appeared.

There are small letters to the offer - but there seems to be no limit to the number of qualifications for each registered user. You can place different orders and enjoy free shipping at a time

Another bonus that comes to us by surprise from Amazon - the ability to fully translate the platform interface into Hebrew, both by browsing through the browser and the dedicated app, for the benefit of all consumers who dislike English for one reason or another.

Have you found the new ultimate deal thanks to the temporary free shipping option? Let's share with everyone in the comments!


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  1. Some other lucrative things I found:
    Soundbars - Save $ 60- $ 80 Shipping Fee (Of course Not All Can Be Ordered)
    Protein Powder - $ 30 - $ 40 Shipping Fee
    Battery - Shipping cost 2-3 times the cost.

    Feel free to add more stuff you found worth buying with free shipping…

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