An impressive deal: a robotic vacuum cleaner from a good house at a very low price

ILife's prices for robotics products continue to surprise us

We thought A smart vacuum cleaner which also knows to make rinses at the price of 165 dollars Is a new record, but it turns out that there are other options with an even smaller price tag: like the iLife X5, Which is now offered at an almost unprecedented cost.

The X5 is a robotic vacuum cleaner designed for relatively small houses and apartments, but can provide everything you would expect from a competing product at a cost of thousands of shekels: it has four different cleaning modes according to your specific preferences, possibility of pumping and possibility of rinsing based on a collection tank and a corresponding water tank 300 each, remote controllable, automatic charging based on charging status that comes with it in chassis, infrared sensors and mechanical sensors to avoid object collisions, infrared sensors for avoiding falls, remote control for easy control and more.


Despite its more compact dimensions, the iLife X5 still features an 2,600mAh battery that is supposed to provide an hour and a half of cleaning work, with five hours of charge between turns. The vacuum cleaner is available for purchase with free delivery to Israel, with a gold-colored finish, and with one virtual wall used to limit its area of ​​operation included in the packaging. The price? 130 USD ONLY, Which are a little less than 500 shekels - which is quite impressive.

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If it does not make you want to make an impulse, we do not know what it is
If it does not make you want to make an impulse, we do not know what it is