Another chapter in the success story of the HWzone Highlights

Another chapter in Xiami's success story

Chinese manufacturer has been able to sell more than 20 million Redmi Note 7 models in about six months - and has seen tens of percent growth in other product categories as well

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Xiami's discounted devices tend to be very popular, and not just in Israel - as the manufacturer's official announcement now That the Redmi Note 7 family, Which numbers three and was originally launched just over six months ago, reached sales of no less than 20 million units worldwide.

This is the best achievement to date for the generation of the Redmi Note brand that accompanies us in the 2014 market, and now the company has publicly declared that everything is ready for the next generation With the Redmi Note 8 and Redmi Note 8 Pro, Where most of the efforts are now focused on the official launch Scheduled for 29 in August.

A fine achievement for the brand, which at the beginning of the year became a separate entity from its highs

As part of becoming a public company, Shiomi is now committed to providing the general public with more detailed data than before on its financial situation and performance - which is what allows us to discover that it has managed to reach record sales of more than 60 million smart devices during the first half of the year (thus making the contribution of Redmi Note 7 Series Even more significant) and 9.8 percent growth in revenue from this product category.

Unstoppable growth for the ambitious manufacturer - especially in new Western markets, but not only

Xumumi's overall revenues for the first half of the year grew by 20.2 percent over the first half of 2018, while its net income jumped nearly 50 percent to 5.7 billion yuan, or 798 million. In the manufacturer, it is appropriate to also indicate the jump in product sales Other smart home appliances from the company - one million smart fan units and no less than 5.4 one million smart TVs in the first half of 2019, making it one of the five largest TV makers on the market today.

Will the square camera mid-range device continue to break records? Soon we will know

What will the second half of the year look like with models? The Redmi 8 וThe Redmi Note 8 On the store shelves? It's an intriguing question that we promise to answer to you in due course.


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