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Another reason to be jealous: Realme X2 Pro will provide flagship capabilities at a competitive price

Original article: Another intriguing new model of the brand for the Indian market is to be provided 855 Plus, the 64 megapixel camera and other surprises - when there is a chance we will see it officially launched in Europe, too, for the first time

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A few weeks ago we told you about Very interesting intermediate smartphone from Realme, A home brand The Chinese created with a focus for the growing Indian market, which gave us a small pinch of heart and hope for a future expansion of supply so that we can enjoy it in the Holy Land as well. Now there seems to be hope for this, as part of another fresh model that will answer the name Realme X2 Pro and is intended to be the first true flagship product of the popular and popular manufacturer.

The X2 Pro is scheduled to be officially unveiled this coming month, and it looks set to offer users an 6.6-inch Super AMOLED screen and FullHD Plus resolution with an increased 90 Hz refresh rate, Up-to-date Snapdragon 855 Plus, square master photo array with main 64 megapixel unit and advanced close-up camera, stereo speakers, NFC built-in, biometric optical scanner under the display panel, internal UFS 2.1 standard based storage - and also 4,000mAh or 4,500mAh capacity with SuperVOOC charging of up to 50 watts.

Fastest loading in Europe ... Will you arrive in Israel too? We hold fingers

The teasers scattered around the network declare the ability to fully charge the future model battery in just 35 minutes - and make it clear that it is the fastest charging in the entire European market. wait, what? Realme X2 Pro seems to be the company's entry ticket to other countries besides India, and we have only one finger left to give Israeli consumers the chance to put their hands on it (whether through online purchase from overseas or through parallel importers to land it in the country).

Also a hybrid zoom of up to 20, which probably indicates the use of an optical zoom sensor of 3 or even 5, will be part of the model that will be revealed soon

Full technical details on the X2 Pro and especially a price tag (which is expected to be surprisingly good, like most other devices of the brand since the beginning of the day) should be revealed in the coming weeks - we will keep following you closely and will update you as soon as possible.

updating: It looks like an official European realme launch event in Europe will take place at 15 in October, Madrid, where not only the Realme X2 Pro but also the Realme X2 (with Snapdragon 730G) and Realme 5 Pro (with Snapdragon 712) will be featured - all with Proper 4,000mAh. What will the prices be? We'll find out and update you!

A trio of devices are very intriguing to launch in Europe

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