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The giant of Cupertino is aimed at stopping the decline in the world of tablets and fighting for the first place in smartphones

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Hell has not frozen yet, to the best of our knowledge, but something unexpected is happening these days: Launches affordable smartphones, hoping to appeal to a wider and more popular audience than ever before. A proper brilliance or just a gimmick? You are welcome to read and judge for yourself.

The solution to the dormant market?

The tablet business is one of the few in which the products of , As well as most other actresses in it, have been in decline for some time, as part of the overall shrinking trend in the market that has failed in its mission to become a must-have product for anyone - but Is not willing to give up the category so quickly, and presents a new product that feels as though it may really change the situation.

Bigger Less Than 400 Dollars - Late-Day Vision to Live Market?

The new tablet that replaces the iPad Air 2 will simply be called the iPad, the 2017 model, and will offer intermediate features like the 9.7-inch IPS screen and 2,048 × 1,536 pixel resolution (which has not been laminated and merged between the display layer and the touch layer, so it is actually less quality Despite similar technical features), A9 with a pair of Twister cores at the 1.85 GHz frequency and a built-in PowerVR GT7600 built-in graphics core with six processing clusters, 4 LPDDR2 memory, built-in 32 gigabyte storage or 128 gigabyte, The same as the previous generation with a major 8 megapixel camera and a secondary 1.1 megapixel camera, 10 and a wireless connectivity array that includes In the 802.11ac standard on dual transmission and reception channels 4.2

The latest iPad models are equipped with connectivity Require an extra $ 120 each for the upgrade - no price at all in this case, compared to the basic cost of the devices

God- The fresh offers a metallic outer shell similar to that of the Air first and second, and generally not very impressive in relation to a new product from the most profitable technology company in history - but with a price tag of only 330 dollars for the base version and 430 dollars for the version with 128 GB of storage is very difficult to argue, given that Which is a cost that is tens of percent lower than the Air 2 in question, and even lower than that of the The fourth-generation Mini still sold in stores today, with a significantly older and much less impressive specification.

The iPad 2017 is already thicker than the iPad Pro 9.7 - but it also includes With a more generous capacity of approximately 15, which you can give him a bonus of my life Preferred

Apple has taken a step here that can certainly be defined as unexpected for it, and it will be very interesting to see how it will impact its sales volumes in the near future - both for tablets in general, and for the pair of models. Pro that begin their journey on the cost scale at a level that is almost double what- The new.

It's the small - double the volume will be

Also, SE, the cheapest smartphone Apple has ever created, received an update - a light update, but one that is definitely relevant in 2017. The tiny 4-inch device will keep all the hardware it had when it launched a year ago, with a processor A9 double , A megapixel 12 camera First, Dynamic 2 gigabyte and a miniature 1,624mAh battery, but will double the built-in storage volumes: from 16 to 32 to the lowest model and from 64 to 128 (For a product of these dimensions) in the more advanced model.

Multiplying the available storage should help the tiny iPhone continue its success for another year, before a more substantial material refresh is required

Prices SE model 2017, which also received the nickname SE 2, will stand at 400 dollars for the base model and 500 dollars for the expensive model - just like the 2016 source models, although it is worth noting that the 64 Gigabit has been slightly cut to 450 after a few months in the market, and we certainly do not We will resist seeing a similar move for these two models in a while.

In any case, this minimal refresh, too, will probably suffice for Apple to maintain relevance in a niche where its competitors are minimal to nonexistent - and we are left to wonder just how long it will be until we see too "Big" comes in similar price tags. Interested in trying and guessing?


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  1. Tablets are a very narrow niche for very certain uses, probably when the screens of most devices have grown so drastically. Very low functionality for most consumers

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