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Apple's Strengthening Acquisition: Acquires Intel's 5G Division for Smartphones

Predictions and Predictions Realized - Giant Company Acquires Intel Division The fifth-generation cellphone modems in a nine-digit deal

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Intel's mobile modem development business has been alive lately, in the face of Qualcomm and Mediatek's efforts to develop these products specifically for their processing chips, and to Samsung and Huawei, which are in-house development, largely thanks to Apple, which served as a prestigious and key customer. With Intel's announcement of discontinued modem development efforts for the Mobile 5G era, Apple's takeover of the division seemed to be just a matter of time - and now the deal in question Goes out of the shadows and becomes official.

Apple will continue its journey to transform all material development in iPhone and iPod products with the acquisition of the Modem Development division of In the fifth generation, in a deal that will transfer to it about 2,200 engineers from the chipmaker as well as thousands of valuable patents on the subject - for a $ 1 billion "toddler" payment. Cash.

And has given up on the mobile modem business - but only the ones that are destined to enter into the future of all of us smartphones

Intel doesn't give up Modems and its wireless media, it is worth noting - the company plans to continue to develop modems designed for the mobile infrastructure equipment, as well as continue to develop modems designed for personal computers, IoT products and autonomous vehicles in both the mobile and telecommunications world. In fact, this is only a recent "surrender" in the smartphone industry, after the company has already given up the idea of ​​developing their own processing chips for these devices a few years ago and after a long period of heavy losses.

The future is in the integrated modems within the processing chips, even in the 5G generation just as it happened in the third and fourth generation - and not in external modems in the shell Designated

Apple, for its part, can now work to integrate cellular modems into its A-series chips, reducing costs, improving power consumption and availability, and possibly improving performance - another building block that is being outsourced to internal engineering within the company, after we've already seen the processing cores The generality, the graphics processing cores, the storage controllers, and the information protection components have gone the same way in the past.


It remains only to find out how this move will affect the legal compromise and the updated agreement it signed With the company , As its second traditional modem provider - will we soon see full uniformity across all iPhones, or will we continue to see different modems in different sub-models and geographies.


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  1. Don't know what to say about the technology ... On the face of it is a 1000 cellular internet speed bomb from what is currently unimaginable on the other hand, some claim that the technology is hitting a level that is still unclear and is perceived as the technology itself
    This match is really worrying today it is impossible to believe anyone and you will know if the damages that the numbers on the network perceive about 3G and 4G only that there are no studies and no one is aware .... I personally know people who can't be around WIFI claim to go to migraines so you'll know why these more royal frequencies are causing us and we don't even know and know .... There is a situation that the world goes crazy because of this (it seems to me lately that the whole world has become nervous)

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