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Apple's new product is one of the most powerful it has ever created

In the Cupertino giant they made a surprising step and exposed protective coverings with Built for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S, which cost a lot of money and do not exactly look like something you would expect to receive from the prestigious company

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Sometimes even the largest and most well-known companies succeed in surprising us with unusual and unexpected steps. No one expected Microsoft to start making tablets on its own, but in the meantime it seems to work for it In a really good way - and no one apparently did not expect Apple To launch its own official protective cover for the latest iPhone devices, but that too happened right now.

Apple decided to enter into a kind of formal competition against the countless companies that produce added accessories for its products, and launched Shielded with internal built-in battery Of 1,880MAH, which is supposed to help double the battery life of the latest and smallest iPhone models (in the meantime, a limited model has not been launched for the Plus models, Significantly better).


Many argue that such a launch is actually Apple's admission that battery life On the 4.7-inch models of the iPhone Are not good enough - but what surprises us even more is the appearance of the covers, which feels as though they have not been affected by the company's well-known design language and in fact looks bad, even in relation to competing protective covers. The coverage of And gives the device an ugly bump on the back that symbolizes the location of the lithium battery inside, so it seems that the interested users will need to choose between a luxurious feeling (that the iPhone has in its natural form, without any cover) and my life Good, with a 'Hunchback of Notre Dame' look.


The new cover, named Smart Battery Case, will be marketed at a substantial cost of 100 per unit, and we have no choice but to declare that we prefer to stay in the camp of veteran companies in the field such as Mophie, Has a more uniform look (although a "pudder") and with the same capacity - or coverings with a higher capacity of about 2,700mAh for 100 dollars.

The coverage of the main player in accessories, Mophie, is not exactly the beauty king himself - but he at least offers greater capacity at a lower price Source: theverge.com
Mophie's main actress in the cover, isn't exactly the beauty king himself - but at the very least offers greater capacity at a lower price
Source: theverge.com

What do you think about the new development of the company with the highest stock exchange value in the world? Tell us in comments.

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Some of the competitors of They had already made fun of (or at least tried to make fun of) the new product


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  1. I don't have an iPhone, but I agree that Apple's products look really good for most. This cover is really ugly.

  2. So you bash them before you even held one in your hands?
    There is no harm in having an opinion, but you should know where lays the line…

  3. The iPhone's battery problem after a year of scrutiny that is often incorrect also poses a problem selling the device and in my opinion will hit the stock if they do not switch to a replaceable battery

  4. There is something beautiful about this cover, and certainly not ugly from the tanks of the other accessories manufacturers. A matter of taste.

    @80EA, they have been doing this for many years, the stock is just rising, and in the meantime the other companies are joining the trend. Not that I'm in favor, just that your scholarly opinion is pretty much shattered on the rock of reality.

  5. It would be wiser if they launched a special version of the iPhone 6 with another 2 mm in thickness for extended battery and take a ridiculous amount of 900 dollars on it. Ugly and everyone would praise them as if they were reinventing the wheel.

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