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The iPhone maker joins the trend of gaming services on a regular monthly basis - and will try to make it a hit too for the mobile world with its short price and a variety of exclusive titles

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After EA Games, Microsoft and Ubisoft, all adopting this modern business approach, comes Apple's turn to try - the service Arcade will offer free access to hundreds of games in most of the company's smart products, starting with 19 in September.

Apple is going to offer more than 100 exclusive titles for service starting with the update of the For 13 version, and also for iPadOS-based tablets and tvOS devices starting September 30 and MacOS computers with the Catalina version starting next month - with a trial month offered to anyone interested and a monthly price of only 5 dollars (or its equivalent in shekels to be revealed later) for family access Of up to six different users at the same time.

One account - unlimited games on all your devices (provided they are from home And an updated version)

As with similar services for PCs and consoles, subscribers will also be able to review the entire game library that will be updated and expanded every month and download, install and play in any work as they wish unlimited - and with new and intriguing games from big names in the field like Capcom, Konami, Square Enix, And Bandai Namco can assume that this venture will also interest some of the audience who is usually not a small-screen gaming enthusiast.

Rayman is back! And other nostalgic characters from the past like Pacman, Sonic the Hedgehog and Frogger will be there as well

Service Arcade will be offered as a separate new tab in the App Store At 150, various countries around the world are already in the near future - and in such a situation, it is quite likely that the Israeli public will also have access in no time. Planning to try, give up beforehand or don't have the right tools for it anyway? Feel free to comment.

The monthly subscription price in Israel will be NIS 20? We'll probably find out soon

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