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Apple vs. Valve: Not to Steam on your iPhone

The launch of the Steam Link application for smartphones ended earlier than expected, Suggesting that Apple plans to launch its own dedicated gaming service

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Recently gaming enthusiasts have won the smart devices a very interesting news in the form of a new incarnation of Link - Platform service And Valve, which enabled direct streaming of games from the dedicated PC to other home display devices based on wired or wireless home connectivity.

Steam Link, which until recently was available only on the basis of a stationary physical adapter designed to connect to televisions or screens that serve as the streaming destination, has suddenly become a software service that is offered as an app for both modern Android and Apple iOS devices, , Or SteamOS and support for various game controllers and even keyboards and mice. Sounds Great? Not everyone, it turns out.

While Google Play Store was launched successfully A free beta version of Steam Link Which is designed for any smart device that runs a system 5.0 or higher, with over 100,000 downloads as of now and an average of 4.2 from 5, Has decided to block the distribution of the app in its App Store, quite surprisingly, due to its business conflict with its general guidelines.

Link without the need to purchase additional hardware - only on Android, at least at this point

Further explanations about the decision were not provided, at least publicly, and the whole thing drew considerable criticism from consumers who hoped to turn their iPhone into an even more sophisticated gaming machine in their home environment, plus a few other reasons for ridicule by those who own Competing.

It is impossible to claim that there is any shortage of Android games or, But a world- The most intelligent device will definitely spur the creation of higher-quality dedicated content in the end

It is not clear whether there is any change in the character and abilities of Link to make the cut, but meanwhile, there are already voices on the net that sound like proof of rumors that Apple is planning to launch its own dedicated streaming service sometime in the future - or that this may be a general objection from the American manufacturer that its consumers will play anything with no significant profit potential Anything for her, i.e. games that aren't in the App Store in person.

WALAV tried to argue with the causes of Because Link works the same way for remote access applications for computers already available in its store, but that was not enough to change the view

the mother Shoot herself in the foot in this case, or is it a decision that will not change too much for the vast majority of players? Share and post to everyone!


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