As promised, approximately: • The first smartphone with a fingerprint scanner found inside the HWzone screen
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As promised, roughly: the first smartphone with a fingerprint scanner found inside the screen

Company The Chinese is the first to introduce Synaptics' innovative technology, which will no longer force you to compromise between a screen with minimal margins and a biometric scanner in a convenient location on the smart device

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Synaptics Has unveiled its unique solution To a secure fingerprint scanner located under the device's display panel last month, while promising to show collaboration with a manufacturer The senior level as soon as possible - and in the CES 2018 partner show was revealed as , Who until a few quarters ago was still in the market's opening five (before being pushed out by a native Israeli).

The scanner takes advantage of the unique structure of the technology screens In order to absorb the user's finger through the tiny diodes that make up the screen, it does not need any physical position on the screen front to work - but does so below it, thus stretching the view from top to bottom, as much as possible in existing modern technologies. The technology that enables every pixel to play on the screen Separately, the imprint scanner is ready for the user's fingerprint even when the screen is seemingly off and in standby mode, without eliminating product battery times. Initial experimenters testified that the sensor response times make sense - not the fastest on the market, but also not slow in a way that harms the overall use experience.

The anonymous device - with Which no one else currently has

Vivo has not revealed any technical details of the prototype that includes the unique sensor, but the images show a great resemblance to it with the company's latest flagship product, the Vivo X20 (or the enlarged Vivo X20 Plus) - an impressive device by itself that includes 6-inch Super AMOLED screen, 660 up-to-date, dynamic 4 GB memory, volume 64 GB, 3,250mAh battery and fingerprint sensor in the center of its back, of course. We will not be surprised if the company decides to launch the new technology in a limited manner first, perhaps as a unique limited edition of the - X20.

This is how the sensor works - with only one technology panel

If we did see the fingerprint scanners underneath the screens becoming a new hot trend in the market in 2018, much like those long-edged screens quickly became a new standard in the market - perhaps the biggest beneficiary of the story would not be Synaptics, but rather the queen of the OLED screens , Since this technology is the basis for contemporary application, at least until the future supersonic solution of the company is matured , Which can work with all types of screens and even through metallic bodies. On the other hand - you might have to wait with the coronation at least until we hear the price of the first model intended.

Is it the Actually X20, or another model that just looks almost identical?
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