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Asus's Zenfone family continues to grow

Special models in large volumes for Selfie, 6-inch version to 2 Laser and finally launched to the end- Zoom: Smart Devices Family Continues to impress us even these days

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That was true at the beginning of the current year, and it seems to be true today - The Asus Zenfone 2 Is one of the most unique and profitable smartphones your money can buy you, and now its number of derivatives is even greater than ever before.

The Zenfone Selfie, already launched as an alternative to the standard Zenfone 2 that replaces the front-end 5 front-end 13 camera with a higher-quality, more advanced 615 megapixel chip and the more popular Snapdragon XNUMX chip, Will be available From now on also improved versions with 3GB of memory (Compared to 2GB on current models) and with volume Generous built-in 64GB and 128GB, with one version available with a very unique pink-purple back cover.

Both bright pink, and with more storage and RAM
Also bright pink, and with more storage and - Could it be better than that?

Another model Recently launched Is the Zenfone 2 Laser, with an 5.5-inch screen, 3GB of RAM, a Snapdragon 615 chip and a camera with infrared laser-based targeting. Now, it is offered Also in version with 6 inch screen - Still with 1080p resolution, built-in 32GB and 3GB storage . This model will seem to be a little more expensive with the cost of 250 or 270 dollars, but hey - if you like tablets, this might be the best option for you.

Super Size Me
Super Size Me

Another intriguing model of ASUS that will be launched in the home market in Taiwan in the coming month The Zenfone Zoom, Which is also the same as the original Zenfone 2 with Z3580's atom chip (or Atom Z3590, which is a slightly up-to-date version), 4GB RAM, built-in 64GB or 128GB storage - and an advanced 3 optical zoom mechanism and optical image stabilization system. The sensor itself is probably the same as the original Zenfone 2, so it is not certain that an optical zoom addition can suddenly bounce it to the top of the smartphone's quality table - yet it is a relatively rare addition, which may wink to consumers looking for Which will be able to replace their compact camera in the best possible way. Prices are expected to be as high as $ 430 to $ 490 - which may translate into 400 (or 450) and 500 dollars as part of an international launch.


For dessert, new marketing images Who came up for the Zenfone Max May indicate that also This model Will finally be launched in the near future. This is probably the most different and intriguing model of all current species, with 410 modest, memory Of 2GB, volume Built-in 16GB - and most importantly a formidable 5,000mAh battery, which supposedly can deliver nearly 40 hours of continuous talk time, over 30 hours of browsing and over 20 hours of playback (Not all of them together, but each separately). We do not know how much the device will cost, but if it provides a competitive cost,, It could be an interstitial intermediary instrument and definitely worthy.

It should be noted that some of the products in question have only recently been launched in the East (Selfie, 2 Zoom), and there is no certainty that we will see them in Western markets as well - but they are likely to reach the Chinese online stores that are familiar to us in any situation, and therefore interested in placing their hands on their preferred model, and at a reasonable price, even without official launch in Israel. .

The Zenfone 2 (for its countless models and sub-models) has undoubtedly been a significant success for Asus, helping to establish its status as a well-known smartphone manufacturer - and we are already eagerly awaiting the announcement of the Zenfone 3, and what it has been able to provide to the market This competitive, with or without the kind help of .


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  1. If ASUS in Israel had normal customer service and ASUS itself really high quality products and not as this biased forum presents them, it would be worth buying these products, as they have a plethora of manufacturing malfunctions and service problems in Israel, there is nothing wrong with their direction.

  2. I have a 2 Xbox. And he is the replacement of Not-4.
    Make a good note of the notepad .. The 2 flip, better than the 2 .. Exactly from the 4 note, which costs more than 2.
    If the account is unclear, then I will simplify ..
    Nut 4, is a poor joke, why ?! Because after six months of use, it works slowly.
    Now tell me .. Which of you is willing to pay 3500 thousand, and get a product that only works - half a year okay?
    nobody. exactly.
    The Asus, works like a horse 200 horse power and he flies ..
    So how do you ask yourself? First, it doesn't have the Samsung's Macchukmac processor .. It has Intel.
    Secondly, the TouchWiz - the slow-and-laggy writer, no longer exists, Hasus has an interface that works great, and is even updated !!
    Why the Big Deal? For a simple reason, they update the interface through Play Store, and not once a decade when there is a system update.
    But most importantly? It's that the interface works well for every possible reason and every function exists, from the interface of the product that goes up -2.

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