Asus is moving to Terabyte: the most exaggerated gaming smartphone of all • HWzone

Asus is moving to Terabytes: the most exaggerated gaming smartphone of all

Giant from Taiwan Introduces Ultimate Version of its ROG Phone 2 - with Volume Internally that doesn't even exist on some laptops

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We knew even earlier that you were a friend Wants to significantly increase its competitiveness in the smart device world, and its sophisticated and exciting gaming model Phone 2 is just one illustration of some of this. We now find that the formidable device also has a super version that will take all its features to the cutting edge, without exception.

The ROG Phone 2 Ultimate Edition will offer an elegant matte black shade and slightly more subdued than the "standard" version of the ROG Phone 2, along with the same Snapdragon 855 Plus is rushed and screen Of 6.59 inches with a refresh rate of 120 Hz - but with the addition of terabytes Internal (!) In the leading UFS 3.0 standard that exists in the field today, 4GB LPDDR12X and even a fourth generation Cat.20 download modem for a theoretical speed of up to 2 GB per second. All this plus a built-in 6,000mAh battery, of course.

The second device on the market after the S10 Plus available with terabytes for storage - which may be important, with no slot For further expansion

Basus promise to use only the most successful units The Snapdragon 855 Plus is down from the production line to ensure As high and as uniform as possible between the various devices, as well as guarantee minimum user finger contact times and maximum uniformity in the advanced display panel offering 108 percent coverage of the professional DCI-P3 standard assembly - with calibration to ensure minimal deviation (deltaE <1) .

There will be no major external differences between the Ultimate Edition and the more basic and cheaper version of the ROG Phone 2 - where 'basic' and 'cheap' are very relative terms when talking about a model that leads to quite a few tests And costs more than NIS 3,500

The Ultimate Edition model Plans to sell only through its European online store, at the price of 1,200 Euro including the local equivalent of VAT - about NIS 4,700 in conversion to our local market terms.

Like the first generation of the device, even in the second round the final price that consumers will pay for it can rise significantly by adding a plethora of luxury peripherals

Another model of the ROG Phone 2, with glossy black finish, 512GB fast storage and 12GB of , Will be offered across Europe in a variety of marketing tubes at a recommended price of 900 Euro (or slightly more than NIS 3,500) starting in 20 in September - and we can only hope that at least one of these will be available for purchase in Israel as well. The prices may be far from cheap, but at least on paper there seems to be a specification here that can provide significant competition for any flagship currently on the shelves, even for mobile gaming enthusiasts, but not only.

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