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At the right time and at the wrong price: The OnePlus X is officially launched in Israel

The Chinese manufacturer's new and luscious model is in place in Israel, with a price that does not exactly make you want to run and buy it

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About a month after being formally exposed in the international arena, C-Data has officially started marketing The OnePlus X smartphone in Israel - First exclusively Through Partner (Orange), and cost NIS 1,700.

The OnePlus X, for those who have forgotten it, is a pretty good middle-class smartphone with a decent design (probably the best Chinese manufacturer yet), a more compact size thanks to the 5 AMOLED screen and the 1080p resolution, plus Snapdragon 801 Quad-Core, Vast-yet-affordable, 3GB RAM, built-in 16GB storage with expandable microSD slot, system 5.1 Lulepop with OxygenOS interface, a primary 13 megapixel camera with focus-based phase detection, a secondary 8 megapixel camera and a built-in and modest 2,525mAh battery.


God- X received lukewarm reviews that defined him as less than what- 2 In almost every aspect - yet one that is a great offer at a formal cost of 250 dollars or 250 euros, depending on the specific market.

Which looks good, but needs to be urgently reduced in our little country

In Israel, it seems that once again we receive an official price that is simply too high, causing the product to miss its main purpose as a low-cost alternative to the various types of flag instruments that cost much more. Taking into account the recommended cost of the consumer on the official website of , The feeling is that the price in Israel should have been at most 1,400 or 1,500 at most.


At the current price, it is very difficult to recommend the OnePlus X to its old brother, the OnePlus One, which is offered with Same as memory Same, plus volume Square of 64GB, at a cheaper price. And that's a shame.


Agree with us, or think that even at a price that is about 70 higher than the international recommended price, X Attraction and sufficient relevance? Tell us what you think about the reactions.


4 תגובות

  1. As long as people continue to buy at such prices there is no reason for the price to fall.

  2. Definitely an exorbitant price! Whoever buys at such a price is a serious sucker.
    Someone is trying to make 50% + clean profit.

  3. Why!!! Why in the country 200 dollars are worth 2000 NIS ???
    shame. And what is even more miserable is that 1 + probably signed an exclusive contract with you and the end consumer is not able to buy directly from the 1 + website, unlike the rest of the world.
    I wonder if CDATA respects the responsibility of devices bought in the sand because of course everyone knows that international responsibility is not valid in Israel…
    The Jewish head at its best.

  4. Because the Israeli consumer does not know how to make a consumer boycott, look at the ultra-Orthodox how they boycott business owners who do not give them the service they want.

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