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Bachelor Day 2019: Concentration Deals

Chinese stores are starting to run a crazy amount of - And they are joining every corner of the world

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We hope your credit for the previous month has already been charged - because the China Bachelor Day offers (which will officially start tomorrow, 11 in November, though that doesn't seem to be daunting to anyone) are already at full strength, and we will try to make your life a little more Easy.

updating: Agile? Feeling lucky? At 22: 00 by clock You can try to snatch at One of two coupons is very affordable with $ 5 off shopping for over $ 10 - or $ 20 off (!) For over $ 50. Successfully!

It's time to grab coupons - at exactly the right time, because every minute or two of delay means you won't be left

Click on coupon distribution page on AliExpress

Use the coupon code VISA5 Allows $ 5 reduction on your entire order at the store At a price tag of $ 35 or more - and although it seems to be currently available to any claimant, even those who do not pay with a credit card from Visa Company. This bargain can make any product you choose and find in the huge digital store more affordable (up to 14 percent off, for exactly $ 35), as well as download various deals below the Israeli VAT exemption threshold so you can order them without fear of unexpected addition Of tens of percent to the original cost.

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For Visa Credit Card Holders - which works even if you don't really have a Visa, it turns out

By using the coupon code from the previous paragraph, along with another coupon code that provides a discount of 2 dollars on purchases over 19 dollars - you can get a price tag of 74.99 dollars (about NIS 265, compared to 335 in the country) just for a mouse The MX Master 2S from a company became known Available in white, black or blue, including free shipping to Israel and without the risk of adding VAT and customs fees on entry to Israel. This is of course just one example of many of the particularly valuable deals that are now available to them on the Net.

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The wireless and luxury ergonomic mouse at a considerable discount to its local prices

A very intriguing operation at the Geekbuying store offers a package with a speaker Powerful by supplying 40 watts and small wireless TWS headphones of the brand with the positive reputation of Tronsmart - at a lower price than the Israeli VAT exemption. Use the coupon code AFF582_1111GKB05 (Very user-friendly, we know) will give a discount of 5 dollars to the final price tag, which has dropped to a level of only 74.99 dollars including free shipping, ie about NIS 265.

Click here to go to the Geekbuying product page

Xiaomi's online security camera Mijia brand powered by Therefore, it does not need dedicated electricity infrastructure, available at Banggood store at a great price of 62.98 dollars (NIS 225) including shipping to the country at a cost of 2 dollars, using the coupon code BG1111BV Which drastically lowers the price by 28 dollars.

Click here to go to the Banggood product page

Camera that should operate for up to 100 days in succession based on 5,100mAh capacity inside - for those who do not want to get into trouble with fixed installation and power cables

The latest and most popular smartwatches from Amazfit from Stratos GTR models are available at the lowest prices so far of 117 dollars for 42 millimeters and 127 dollars for 47 millimeters - without the need for any coupon feeds or anything else. All you have to do is go into the Gearbest store, choose the shade that suits you and reach the box office where you will see a discount of 17 percent on the price, together with free shipping the prices received are NIS 415 for the small model and NIS 450 for the large model, compared to costs of over NIS 700 for them in stores in the country.

Click here to go to the Gearbest product page

The watch that started just over a month ago at a cost tag of 150 dollars gets a big offset for the online holiday

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The popular British clothing store ASOS aims to fight back to Chinese with its own 25 percent discount for purchases until Tuesday morning, 12 in November, using the coupon code SINGLEYAY And for one subscriber per registered customer, with orders up to £ 500. Who said you don't worry about getting too busy with the shopping?

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Offers another juicy discount of 25 percent - as it did on several different occasions throughout the year

The popular iHerb Health Store and Nutrition Supplements, which has also recently expanded to more areas, offers its own sweeping discount for Bachelor's Day - 11 percent off all products along with multiplication , Until the evening of Tuesday, November 12, using the coupon code ELEVEN11 Before checkout.

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It's time to stock up on vitamins, creams and protein supplements

Another deal that is not directly related to Bachelor's Day but is available in Israel until the end of the month and pays off in its own right - Bank Hapoalim offers its customers a coupon code for a discount of NIS 70 on purchase of NIS 100 and above in one of four Local online: GROO (or former Groupon, if you prefer), Castro, Guilty and Step-In. If you haven't taken this opportunity yet, you should do it now, before you forget and miss it.

Interestingly announced on the occasion of Israeli Shopping IL - but remains available until the end of the big shopping month of the chain

As always, keep in mind that it is always better to pay in the local currency of the site you are purchasing (US dollars, in the case of online Chinese stores), and avoid the shekel conversion services offered at these locations because they will be significantly more expensive than the conversion fee charged by your credit card company. .

Keep following us for more hot deals over the next two days!

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