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Different, but still worth it: The Poco X2 has been revealed with a great price

The second model from the brand It will be less powerful than the original, but will be upgraded with an advanced screen and a lower price. Just don't expect to see something here that you haven't seen a few months ago

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February is expected to be packed with big news in the mobile sector starting positively with the official announcement of Poco X2 - Two of the Pocophone brand from home (Xiaomi), which begins an interesting internal competition with the Redmi brand, which was also created by the same successful Chinese manufacturer.

As we have seen on the net in recent days, the Poco X2 is a completely identical product to the Redmi K30 4G introduced late last year, which is not necessarily a bad thing: you will find a 6.67-inch IPS screen with a 2,400 × 1,080 pixel resolution and a high maximum refresh rate of 120 Hz, 8.8 mm thick metal casing protected by Gorilla Glass 5 cladding on both sides, Snapdragon 730G octagonal Qualcomm cores, 6GB or 8GB dynamic memory, 64GB to 256GB internal storage with additional expandability, system 10 with a MIUI 11 interface and a 4,500mAh battery with 27 watts of charge which should return it to its full capacity in just over an hour.

New - but also already well known to anyone who follows the innovations by Xiaomi

You'll also find Poco X2 dual-channel Wi-Fi 802.11ac connectivity, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, built-in side-button fingerprint scanner, square master photo array with 64-megapixel master based on Sony IMX686 sensor, pair of selfie cameras, 3.5 slot Millimeters for headphones, built-in infrared transmitter, FM radio receiver, array Liquid internal and P2i coating for internal electronic components designed to reduce the chances of corrosion in contact with water or steam.

The smartphone will be available in blue, oval or red - and it is still unknown when it will be launched outside India

The processing chip in Poco X2 will be less powerful than the 845 we received in Poco F1 about a year and a half ago, that's true - but it may not be intended to be its direct official heir, but another alternative for a wider audience. That would indicate only Rs 16,000 for the base model with 64GB for storage, about $ 225 in direct price, Rs 17,000 for intermediate model with 128GB for storage and Rs 20,000 for the leading model with 256GB for storage and 8GB for - About $ 285, which is about NIS 980. All of these are substantially lower than the Poco F1 prices at the beginning, both in Israel and in the main Indian market for these models.

The Poco X2 enjoys an enhanced design made of metal and glass instead of plastic in the Poco F1, a more advanced screen - and significantly lower prices that help offset the use of a medium processing chip, instead of the most powerful flagship Qualcomm has to offer us

The Poco X2 may not be redone in comparison to the Redmi K30 that has already arrived in stores in China, but if it is the first to reach the Israeli market and also maintain the official recommended price tag of under NIS 1,000 (at least for the base version, which is priced at approx. NIS 775 for the Indian market) It will be a real celebration for local consumers - Not least the celebration provided by the Poco F1 when it landed With a cost of NIS 1,800, it then dropped to NIS 1,680 and has not stopped shrinking since.


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    1. According to the official Poco website in India, the NFC does not have an NFC device - but given that the twin brother Redmi K30 4G includes NFC, one can hope that the international version of the Poco X2 (if any) will include the technology.

  1. Really do not understand what enthusiasm,
    Phone with Bane Processor, definitely disappointing
    Compared to last year's brother who came with a top end processor.

    1. Price levels are different, as seen in the article, and in terms of its price level, the Poco X2 is definitely a big line.
      Hopefully, later on, the announcement of a more expensive and advanced model will also appear to be a direct replacement for the Poco F1.

  2. Too bad a built-in infrared transmitter is not standard on all phones, like GPS, like Wi-Fi.
    The cost of it as a component is really zero (a few cents), which is a useful addition in many cases.

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