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New Fashion Buds: Meet your first smartphone with a built-in VR camera

In an era where Replacing more and more standard cameras every day - it was only a matter of time before we even saw a combination of 360 cameras in them.

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Virtual reality technology shows no signs and intentions of withdrawal, but vice versa - which probably means we should start getting used to people who wear square, chubby glasses in our environment, and that photography 360 surround video is one of the main ways to create content that can be enjoyed by using XNUMX this.

We will likely continue to see more and more models of dedicated 360 cameras, equipped with an ultra-wide pair of lenses and a pair of sensors for best-in-class documentation - but might we start seeing such cameras on smartphones too? Judging by the plans of the Chinese HT Optical company the answer is positive.

Who said he wanted more On his smartphone and did not receive?
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The modest company that collaborated with manufacturers such as Olympus and Sony in the field of photography unveiled a miniature dual-camera module at 360 degrees, with a good overall resolution of 16 megapixels for still images, עבור - All of these in dimensions of a little over 7 millimeters, which will allow for its practical integration in much of the smartphones in the market without creating excessive bumps in their bodies, or even without bumps, on relatively thick 8 millimeters and above.

The new camera won't really be able to replace the standard cameras on the smartphone properly, so you'll need some extra space of its own, which will add a fair amount of length to the devices, probably in an age when we expect to see as thin margins as possible around the display unit - but it may still work, at least For certain dedicated models that may (perhaps) be labeled as "devices Mobile. "

It looks massive and strange in the meantime - but the situation is likely to improve significantly in the next generation
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One Chinese smart device with the somewhat bizarre name ProTruly Darling was introduced by HT Optical to illustrate the integration of 360 degrees, from a previous and thicker version of the company - which created one of the longest smartphones we've ever met. But hey - it's probably not something that would deter at least some small attempt by VR enthusiasts, either.

Darling - Pioneer in photography at 360 degrees you've never heard of

The HT Optical compact camera module may be designed to be integrated within the smartphones themselves, but can undoubtedly also be used for other similar applications that are more relevant to the wider target audience - such as the modular VR camera presented with Andy Rubin's Essential PH-1, and you can turn a minute and smaller down the road, or the smartphone cover with the built-in built-in 360 camera, Z modules only recently.

The new Moto mod of - With a VR camera

Regardless of the future of HT Optical's interesting products, it is quite clear that the 360 Maalot photography technique will need to jump and revolutionize to become widely accepted and widely used - photography will need to be sharper and higher quality, more agile and with much less distortion at the edges And at the "sewing" points between the sensor pair. Until that happens, we at least hope to see better quality solutions at cheaper prices, which will help build a critical mass of users en route to the mainstream.

There are already quite a few photography solutions using 360 - but they should be much more compact, comfortable and high quality later

Do you see a reason to use VR cameras that are built on smartphones, or is it a gimmick that will never catch? Share comments with us.

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