Report: Business as usual for the Galaxy S9, enlarged volume memories in Galaxy S9 Plus (updated)

updating: A new model image documents the official official packaging of the S9, allegedly.

If this photograph is authentic, then the new generation of Will offer us some more welcome and important improvements than its predecessors - the 12 megapixel camera is identical or almost identical to the W2018, with a f / 1.5 record-breaking shutter key and a unique ability to fit it to a more standard f / 2.4 shutter lens in well lit scenes , Super Slow-mo capability, which can be seen as supporting up to 1,000 frames per second for a very short time (similar to Sony's latest flagship devices), built-in support for wireless charging Dual stereo with bluetooth Of the AKG brand from the new subsidiary Harman.

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An authentic or fake image is especially invested?

We hope that all this will indeed turn out to be true, because it sounds like a very interesting tweak to the devices that were considered to be the top of the field.

The original article: The leading smartphones of Will be launched with certainty next month - before the flagship model of the LG urban rival

An interesting report from the Chinese social network Weibo states that Is expected to further increase the technological differences between the two countries, S9 for his older brother - after last year's only difference between the models was the enlarged screen (and the battery that was increased accordingly to compensate for the increased power consumption).

According to the source, the standard model, which will almost certainly come with a single back camera, will offer the amount of RAM and built-in storage that we have known last year - 4 and 64 respectively - 128 GB for those interested. The Galaxy S9 Plus, on the other hand, which will offer an enlarged screen and an enlarged battery and a more advanced dual rear camera, will offer a dynamic memory of 6 and gigabytes of storage, 64, 128 and 256. Gigabyte for the first time on the device from .

The latest report - promising, or rather disappointing?

Despite the fact that Samsung has begun mass production of breakthrough 512 chips based on the UFS 2.1 standard for smartphone integration, the company has decided to forgo its integration with the flagship devices due to the assessment that the high price expected will deter most consumers. However, we certainly will not be surprised if during 2018 year we will be privileged to see any smartphone in the field, not necessarily from home , Which will offer the volume that reminds computers Advanced, and not tiny pocket devices.

We were convinced that in the present generation we could also see a mini version of the flagship product that is making a comeback - but as of now, the chances are low

Senior Samsung official DJ Koh has already confirmed that the new pair of models will be officially launched "during a big conference next month," which clearly points to the MWC 2018 that will be held every year in the city of Barcelona, ​​towards the end of February - and this will probably happen some time before the launch of the LG G7, which according to the latest updates will only arrive in April, with a rejection designed to enable it to be based on the Snapdragon 845 instead of The previous generation. Now we only have to wonder what's going on with the Mini- S9, which we have heard a number of promising reports in the past, which are not very recent.