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Celebrate on eBay as well: a discount coupon for hundreds of products

Offered Coupon Code for All Requires by Weekend Gives 10 Percent Off on Participating Products You Purchase

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The eBay (eBay) platform also wants to enjoy the increased online shopping volume these days - and does so with its style, which is not quite like what we are used to seeing and receiving from other digital stores but may nevertheless wink at you.

Use the coupon code P10OFF11N On a dedicated page that centers all products participating in the venture, 10 will offer a discount of 100% of the total purchase amount at the checkout, just before payment, with a maximum discount limit of up to 20 dollars (200 dollars worth of purchases or higher) until Sunday, November 17. Not exactly the craziest deal we've encountered, even in Ibbee's own terms - but still warrants a brief turn in lists, which include the best of the bizarre integration of something between very different product categories.

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range finder My home is designed by a company It will cost you 17.88 dollars including shipping, for example.

Casio's golden, small and modest digital watch can be purchased for 22.81 dollars.

A set of aluminum screwdriver set and 24 heads of various sizes and shapes for which cost $ 20.02.

Bottle Blender Small in different colors is sold for 18.62 dollars.

Smart Person Weight with Bluetooth Connectivity Mi Smart Scale 2 Model Available in 24.23 dollars including shipping.

Wireless and portable air pump of , With a digital display, costs 49.9 dollars for those interested.

Have you always secretly dreamed about such a calculator watch from Casio? Now you can fulfill your wish for a few tens of shekels

These are just a few examples of the available loot that includes Cosplay accessories, cosmetics, , Bags, clothes, shoes and more.

Keep in mind that it is always advisable to pay for your purchase in the seller's local currency (dollars, in most cases on eBay) and to waive the conversion rates for shekels, which hide a higher conversion fee than your credit card company will provide you. Great shopping!


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