Cheap and surprisingly good: Get to know Acer's Iconia One 8 tablet

The large Taiwanese manufacturer exhibited a great deal of products at the beginning of the CES 2016 exhibition, but ironically, the most interesting product is actually the cheapest and most modest of all

We admit that it is a bit hard for us to get excited these days from tablets based . Between the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire and all those Chinese products that offer a product It's reasonable (more or less) at the price of a dinner for two, it seems we've seen it all, and it's hard to imagine anything that will really renew or surprise - especially in the category of discounted devices.

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However, Acer now comes with the Iconia One A8 (B1-850), which offers no groundbreaking capabilities - yet managed to charm us. This colorful plastic tablet, designed primarily for Z-generation zatots and seemingly rigidly built, includes an 8-based panel based on the 720p IPS panel, MT6183 up-to-date Mediatek cores, 1GB RAM, expandable 16GB storage, 5 primary megapixel camera, secondary 2 megapixel camera and system Lolipop 5.1 - and will cost only $ 100. A meal for a couple in a restaurant, have we already said?

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There is no doubt that cheaper parallel offers can be found from anonymous Chinese manufacturers, but as a device that has a better chance of being officially marketed in Israel and in other international markets at a reasonable price, and as an alternative to those who prefer to buy a brand name that has been heard sometime before - the Iconia One A8 looks like a system Mobile multimedia winks, for small children but not just for them. This is assuming that practical reviews and impressions will not expose any critical problems and shortcomings, of course.