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Chinese Bachelor Day 2019 continues at full strength: concentrating on promotions

Get to know some of the most affordable offerings that have ever come online

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The biggest Chinese day of the year Here, officially, and we're continuing our efforts to bring you the top deals so you can join in the celebration without drowning in all the picks. Successfully!

The company's successful fitness bracelet , The Honor Band 5, which offers non-partisan Hebrew support for less than NIS 100 - use of coupon code BG11B5 (When ordered from existing warehouses in Hong Kong) will lower the price to $ 25.49, along with $ 2.3 for shipping. A price that definitely doesn't meet every day.

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Cleaning enthusiasts who have already invested in a wireless and a robotic cleaner can test the next hot thing, the Alfawise WS-960 which is a cleaning robot The house, which will make you completely self-sufficient at home or in the office, in one of the most difficult and difficult tasks in the field. Use code ALFAWS960PL11 In the shopping cart before selecting a form of payment, it will only lower its price to 156 dollars, with an extra 1.64 dollars for shipping - a little less than 560

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The new robotic assistant you owe to your home, and you didn't even know it

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Creality's famous 3D printer, the Ender 3 featuring a built-in screen for easy operation and self-assembly for enthusiasts - using the coupon code GB1111C3 Will bring the price to the level of 150 dollars only, with the addition of a single dollar for shipping to the country, ie only NIS 535.

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The high-quality Mi 9 Lite smartphone of Xiaomi, with Snapdragon 710 octagon, 6.39 inch Super AMOLED screen, 4GB LPDDR6x memory, 2.1GB fast UFS 64 storage with additional expandability, Built-in 4,030mAh fast charging battery available at its lowest price, using coupon code BGD119L6 Which lowers the cost to a level of only 210 dollars, together with 2.3 dollars for shipping and final cost of only NIS 750 (or NIS 805 plus tax insurance that protects from possible collection of VAT or customs fees when the product enters the country).

Want a model with 128GB's internal? No problem - coupon code BGD119L8 Will give you it at 232.29 dollars including shipping, or at 248 dollars (NIS 875) including tax insurance.

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There is a good chance that it is the best smart device sold for less than NIS 800

Highlights against itself are fierce these days, and alongside the high-quality Mi 9 Lite from the previous paragraph, the Redmi Note 8 Pro can be found even more at almost identical prices, equipped with an 6.53-inch screen, Heliat G90T from Mediatek, a square back camera with Samsung's main megapixel 64 unit, Built-in 4,500mAh is very generous with fast charging.

Use the coupon code BGD11N8P6 Will bring the price of the base version with 64GB for storage to the level of 212.3 dollars including shipping, or 225.74 dollars plus customs insurance (NIS 800), while using the coupon code BGD11N8P Will bring the model with 128GB for storage at the price of 227.3 dollars including shipping to the country, or 242.24 dollars including customs insurance which are worth NIS 855.

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Like brushing your teeth in style? This deal is for you: Every few minutes, Joybuy returns an inventory of advanced electric toothbrushes from the Oral-B brand, under the name iBrush 9000, which is equivalent to the local Genius 9000 model - for a price of only 71.91 dollars including shipping after entering a discount coupon of 10 dollars that users subscribe to Can be found on the product page itself. Highly lucrative - NIS 255 value for the most popular product in its category. Please note that the product price ranges from no less than $ 438.91 to 81.91 dollars, but it is worth tracking and trying to grab the device when it returns to its discounted price from time to time.

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Grab it if you can

Huami Amazfit Pace smart watch, with large and round LCD screen, receiver Built-in and continuous pulse sensing - Available at a great price of 57 dollars including shipping used coupon code WBG2019 At the checkout, that is a little over NIS 200 for a product sold in Israel at NIS 600 and above.

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The high-quality external battery of 2C samples, with capacity of 20,000mAh and a pair of connectors Type-A for charging a pair of devices at the same time, available at a hilarious price of 24.41 USD including shipping (NIS 90) with coupon code BG2C11 On the payment method selection page

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12,000mAh portable battery from the Chinese brand BlitzWolf commonly used (also) for powering vehicles with instantaneous current supply of up to 800 amps, with built-in flashlight, IP68 water and dust protection and connectors for With Quick Charge Support for Quick Charge 3.0 - Sold for 48.89 Dollars including Shipping to the Country with Coupon Code Use BGBLITZWOLF.

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You need one in your car - or at least something similar to it in its capabilities

Keep in mind that it is always better to pay in the local currency of the site you are purchasing (US dollars, in the case of online Chinese stores), and avoid the conversion services to the shekels offered to you at these locations because they will be significantly more expensive in most cases than the conversion fee charged by your credit card company.

In addition, purchase through the platform services , Where the option exists, is a good substitute for extra payment for shipping insurance - as the company guarantees the product and can be contacted with a complaint if needed.

Keep following us for more hot deals in the coming hours.

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