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Coming, not coming: Redmi Note 8 Pro with Snapdragon processor in the headlines

Original article: An alternative version of the new and intriguing new device that replaces the The Mediatek chip Starts the rumors are up-to-date, but also gets denied by an official at this time

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Most of Xiaomi's smartphones pay exceptionally well, offering surprisingly good value for the price they have to pay - but they are not innocent of significant image choices and shortcomings from time to time. A recent example is the Redmi Note 8 Pro, which is one of the only modern models of the company with Mediatek processing, in a sea of ​​products with Snapdragon chips Who enjoy infinitely good reputation and distribution in Western markets.

With the initial rumors of the Helio G90T chip being used in a model that is expected to be as central and popular as the Redmi Note 8 Pro, we assumed that Chihumi would give consumers the right to opt out of Mediatek products due to one or the other negative experience (not missing) Examples of Taiwanese company chips from the past that came with disappointing processing capabilities, common technical bugs, lack of long-term support, problematic battery life, tendency to overheat internal components, etc.) - but it did not, and the device launched in all countries with one and only.

The Redmi Note 8 Pro is a very solid device even in its current configuration, you can't deny it - but we'd love to see an alternative version too

Consumers who suffer from Inevitably, the Redmi Note 8 had the advantage of the small, discounted Brother, though the photography and battery capacity of this model was a step back together for the Pro - so some of the target audience was left unanswered.

Performance tests indicate that The Snapdragon 730G may provide Slightly less than Helio G90T's - but may effectively excel in its power consumption to upgrade battery life

Several weeks went by, and rumors surfaced about a possible new sub-model for the Redmi Note 8 Pro, which would seem to be completely identical, but with a replacement of God- The effective and up-to-date octagon 730G for the Helio G90T (which so far has shown very good potential in both performance and efficiency, is worth noting). a reason to party? Not quite yet - because a representative of India was quick to announce on Twitter that this was a false rumor and that there was no plan to launch another Redmi Note 8 Pro model.

Is there another device in the barrel or not? We're not sure yet, but we'll keep updating

Despite the somewhat emphatic statement, we are not convinced that this is the end of the story. Just a few months ago, we received a similar announcement at the time of the Mi Mix Alpha model reveal that there is no plan to launch another Mi Mix 4 alongside it, despite many rumors on the subject - and a few days later the denial came to a halt, as the Mi Mix now appears 4 should be revealed very soon and prove that not everything said by one or other local representative is an absolute fact. We will continue to follow and hope for developments that will further upgrade our modern middle market supply.

updating: Lu Weibing, one of the top executives at the Redmi brand as well, responded to rumors on the Weibo social network briefly, announcing that there was no plan for another Redmi Note 8 Pro model.

the end of the story? Maybe yes or no - the evidence for other high-tech devices is still there and who knows, maybe the launch of that intermediate device is special with Snapdragon 730G comes in frame Different name, which will not be part of the Redmi brand.

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