The Xiaomi Mi A3 was exposed with the Android One system - and without the reduced version of HWzone
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The Xiaomi Mi A3 was exposed with the Android One system - and without a reduced version

The new combination of Chinese manufacturers' great prices and clean operating system already here

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The official announcement of Xiaomi's new Mi A3, which will be available in Spain initially with an expected expansion to dozens of other markets around the globe, She arrived and did not give us too many surprises - It's almost the same version of the fresh CC9e model we've already told you when the MIUI 10 interface replaces a system One Clean Itself with a commitment to updates Two months for at least three years and rapid version updates for two years.

The Mi A3 offers a Super AMOLED 6.01-inch screen with 1,560 × 720 pixel resolution and a Gorilla Glass 5 protective coating, an eight-core Kryo 665 chip and an Adreno 260 610 graphics core created in the XNUMS 11 process 4GB, built-in storage of 64GB or extensible 128GB, system Pie is up-to-date without unnecessary additives, Built-in under the screen, 32 megapixel selfie camera, triple main photo array with main 48 megapixel unit and secondary wide-angle photography and depth sensing - plus an 4,030mAh battery with fast 3.0 Quick Charge.

The specification is already familiar - but the operating system is the one that should make the difference here

While in the display panel you can definitely see a step back Compared to Mi A2 and even compared to Mi A2 Lite (Both offering greater 1080p resolution and significantly better display density), available storage, photography, processing power and battery capacity are all significant benefits for the new model - which also includes a headphone slot, infrared transmitter, built-in radio receiver, connectivity Double 802.11ac channels and connectivity 5.0 with support for the aptX HD standard.

Inner shell made of metal, cladding Back and forth - and interesting design that will make you consider giving up the protective cover

The Mi A3 will be available in white, black or blue (which have some sophisticated nicknames, similar to Google's Pixel models) in Spain starting in the middle of next week and we believe availability will expand to more countries within a few weeks at 250 Euro prices including " From model with 64GB of storage and 280 EUR to model with 128GB - Prices that are identical to the launch costs of the Mi A2 in Europe a year ago, For half of the storage volumes at each level.

Device does not include Built-in or official water and dust protection, unfortunately - but these are also disadvantages that can be ignored at the suggested price level

Unlike the previous generation of One from my high school where we received two models at the very beginning, this time the Mi A3 was launched alone, without the Mi A3 Lite model to accompany it - and the network estimates are not going to be a discounted model in 2019, but if a more advanced and expensive model might get the nickname Mi A3 Pro Based on the hardware of The CC9 includes an 6.39-inch screen and a chip 710. When will this happen (if at all) and how much will the pleasure cost? We hope for updates as soon as possible.

There is no discounted Lite model for now, but we have good reason to believe prices will not be higher than last year's Mi A2 launch prices - NIS 1,400 through the official importer, with great potential for a gradual drop in price to triple within a few months


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