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A smartphone with an 4,000mAh battery that provides full charging in less than half an hour

Original article: Oppo has positioned itself as one of the leading technology in fast charging of Smart devices - and plans to keep the prestige class with New

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We really like smartphones that can provide us with a full day of work by charging half an hour or even less, as a proper intermediate solution to help us with the big breakthrough in battery capacity that will only allow the smart device to plug in once every few days or weeks - and in the field This is on the side of and- It stands out for her Chinese, with a family of impressive technologies under the VOOC brand.

The manufacturer, which also owns the popular OnePlus brand in the country, Excited us last year with very fast 50 watts charging For its Find X Lamborghini Edition device - which allowed the 3,400mAh battery to return to full capacity in just about 35 minutes - and now seems to be making a new luxury device with wired charging of no less than 65 watts.

You thought 50 watts per battery of Is this an extreme choice? The year 2019 brings us new surprises

A new smartphone called Reno Ace, another model from Oppo's new luxury brand that started earlier this year, is due next month and will be the first to offer 65 watt superVOOC fastest charging, when combined with capacity Of expected 4,000mAh on the device (probably in pair configuration) Separate internal, similar to what we have seen on other smartphones previously supported by SuperVOOCs) consumers should enjoy being able to get back about half the capacity in less than 20 minutes and return to full capacity in less than an hour.

The sixth Reno device has become far more intriguing for us, even if it is never available in the local market

The Reno Ace will probably not land officially in the country, like the other Reno models launched so far (and Oppo is certainly not skimpy, with five models being introduced in just five months), but we have good reason to believe that its charging technology will find its way into One of the The future, wrapped in Warp Charge branding, just like the original high-speed VOOC technology is now offered with the 7 and does a pretty impressive job.

Until Yumomi succeeds in making her theoretical promise of recharging 100 watts a reality - see And in its SuperVOOC the domain leaders

Alongside promises from manufacturers like and- For charging 100 watts and even 120 watts in the next generation, we are already eager to get tests of the actual new SuperVOOC charging performance that will give you a better idea of ​​what's best in the present and what the future holds - and we also promise to keep you posted when it comes of course.

Hope to see the technologies also reach devices sold in the country

updating: Fresh teaser of On the Chinese social network Weibo presents Reno Ace documentation in action - with charging about 30 percent of capacity in just five minutes, loading 50 percent of capacity in ten minutes (!), Charging over 70 percent of capacity in fifteen minutes and full loading -25 minutes only.

If the device's battery capacity is at least 4,000mAh, it's a serious leap in the field that will undoubtedly make any other manufacturers in the environment jealous.

We haven't seen one like that (in stores) - the Reno Ace designated from the left, as opposed to Has a "simple" fast VOOC loading on the right


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