Continues to wink at the masses: Samsung introduces an ultra-cheap fitness bracelet

After the significant reduction in smart family devices A is also a contributor of the means of wear and tear to the people - Fit e

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Samsung 2019 is a company that is trying to reach a wider target audience than before, it seems, 10e, who succeeded in reminding us of the days in which flag ships have not yet kissed the price of four digits in the dollar and euro, A, which also replaced the J, and now also in the shape of the Fit e that will cost 40 Euro only.

The compact and lightweight bracelet is based on an 0.74-only P-OLED screen in gray and white. The focus is a clear display anytime, anywhere - it has a built-in heart rate monitor and Bluetooth connectivity to the interface with your smartphone, Health that will allow you to define the look and characteristics of the wearable device and also display the data it has accumulated in detail.

A new tough competition for Miomi's Mi-Band models?

God- Fit e is waterproof at up to 5 atmospheres, similar to high-quality analog discussions, and includes general MIL-STD 810G military protection. It has tracking capabilities for the user's sleep cycles and can automatically detect and monitor activities of walking, running, etc. - all under the promise of my life Of five or six days in frequent use.

Will be available in three shades - and we hope that the price in Israel will be more sane at the practical launch

The smart bracelet will be available in a yellow, white or black shade and less than half the price of the Galaxy Fit bracelet, which includes a larger and colorful screen - a compromise that will probably be quite reasonable for anyone who wants to pay as little as possible in their active hobby. The price of the Galaxy Fit e On the website of the official Israeli importer Is significantly higher than that abroad and currently stands at NIS 350, although we certainly hope that in the official launch stage we will see a significant drop, whether through the main representative office or through parallel imports.

God- Original Fit - similar characteristics but at a significantly higher price of EUR 100