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CoolerMaster reveals its arsenal

The Taiwanese hardware manufacturer presented at its booth this year its series of new packaging and power supplies as well as a system Water and a variety of gaming products
Company CoolerMaster Mostly known for its right The cases The impressive And the cooling systems that are considered to be the highest quality in the computer market - and it seems that the exhibition Computex This year the company took advantage of the company to present as much as possible the range of existing products, as well as to present to journalists the products that are still in process .

Among other things, alongside the usual packages of the company (and more unique as the -Cosmos II) A number of enclosures were displayed at the VIP compound, with theElite120 '': This is a case SFF (MT Small Form Factor) To motherboards Mini-ITX Which can also contain power supplies from the line and even Which are considered long. You could still see the'Silencio 650' Of the company: which offers anti-noise coating on its doors, in addition to the properties that make the series to which it belongs to one of the quietest on the market - when its price, according to the company claim, will move around the $ 150 $. The chassis also featured'Scout' The company's new design included a design that impressed the visitors as well as the "'Trooper' Of the company in white color design.

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As for the company's cooling facilities,TCP 812 and the-TCP 612 Which are already available for purchase at prices of $ 100 per value. The main innovation that included CoolerMaster In these cooling devices designed for processors,'Vapor Chamber' (Evaporation chamber) - when it appears that at this year's exhibition quite a few companies decided to integrate the technology in the enclosures intended for processors, except in my body For video cards. They will also include pipes , When -TCP 812 Will include 6 pipes andTCP 612 Will include an 4. It should be noted that a prototype of the cooling-V4 Of the company, which is considered the smallest version of the series, yet the manufacturer chose to leave it in "engine shape".

A system was also presented Closed water, like other companies' cooling, is a system that comes ready to use straight out of the box, with design rights reserved for the company CoolerMaster. The system's bodies are attached to the window, which allows the user to see the fluid condition when there is also a filling valve that allows users to replace the liquids or add liquids if necessary (even though the system is closed and ready to be used directly from the store).

It is also worth noting the company's power supply series,Gold Non-modular modules that come in the 450 and 550 watts,'Silent Pro M2' Which comes with a capacity of up to 1500 watts and, of course,Platinum Modules that come in the power supply of 850 and 1000 watts.

It is also interesting to note the gaming products that the company introduced, among other things,Sirus S Which support audio in true 5.1 format, with real speakers in each ear. The novelty in the headset vs The old model More is the current model CoolerMaster Deactivated the cumbersome "hub" that users had to place on the desk to use headphones, now that the connection is much smaller and much more portable (meaning it connects directly to the sound card rather than the configuration USB). They were also presented God-Sonus Which offer audio in a two-channel stereo format, which also purport to be high-quality, but are not only for those gamers, but also for those who just love to listen to music.


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