Daily Deal: Huawei's Smart Watches at Amazon HWzone Sale Prices

Daily Deal: Huawei's Smart Watches at Amazon Prices

The Chinese designer's elegant and elegant watch is offered at considerable discounts in the next few hours at the retail giant

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One of the smartest and most successful Android Wear watches available today is the one belonging to the growing Chinese company Huawei, which offers reasonable hardware alongside a surprising design for billing. Now, At Amazon Amazon, you can get them a discount of tens of dollars As opposed to their recommended full prices.

The basic model of the watch, which is offered with a leather strap, can be purchased for a cost of about 341 dollars including taxes and direct shipping to Israel - about NIS 1,330, which is a discount of NIS 200 or more compared to the prices of this model in Israel. Those looking for a metal strap for their watch can get the model that comes with a silver band for $ XNUM including shipping and taxes, or the model that comes with a band and body made of black metal at a cost of about 354 $, including shipping.


These are not the cheapest costs in the world of Android Wear watches, but these are still discounts from 80 to 120 dollars In relation to the recommended prices with which Huawei Watch was launched at the end of last year - And as such, there is a fair amount of competition for the prices available to us in the Holy Land, as mentioned.


As in every Deal of the Day in the American store of , Discounted rates will be available until 10: 00 in the morning, clock , Tomorrow (Friday, the 11 in March). Enjoyable shopping!


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  1. Cute gadget, for teenagers… even if they make it from Platinum it will never reach the luxury level of a real mechanical wrist watch… waste of money.

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