Desktop screen and smart toothbrush: Fresh HWzone Network Coupons
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Desktop screen and smart toothbrush: fresh online coupons

Let's look at a big desktop screen, Compact and even an interesting electric toothbrush at very impressive prices

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The Gearbest Digital Store provides us with a few other diverse technology products that may tempt you to buy - simply because the prices are too good to be ignored. Think you're ready for it? Let's get started.

Gaming screen with built-in backlight and relatively aggressive design, based on the 1800R curved VA panel with 31.5 inch diagonal size and 2,560 × 1,440 pixel resolution plus support for 165 Hz maximum refresh rate - this is the Ipason QRXNUM Yours for a surprisingly good price of only 322 dollars.

The screen features a very thin three-sided frame, aluminum alloy casing, average 250 nit brightness, and 3,000 static contrast ratio: 1 - with a pair of HDMI inputs and an input Another benefit of flexibility in connecting to the various modern sources. Definitely an interesting deal for those who do not want to spend large amounts of money on display measures above 30 inches.

Ipason QR322X

Additional details and purchase:

Convex gaming screen at an exhilarating price

A handsome-looking screen by a company called Ipason that offers an 1800R curved and diagonal 31.5-inch panel with 2,560xXNNX pixel resolution - for less than 1,440 dollars including shipping

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Price: 387 dollars, with the option of shipping to the country at a starting price of only one dollar.

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We welcome every wide-range product range from Smart Consumables to Smart Consumer Products - and now you should check out the Oclean X brush with a built-in touchscreen, a motor capable of providing up to 40,000 rpm speed, Bluetooth connectivity to Accompanying a plethora of sensors designed to ensure that the user does not exert too much power during brushing and misses no point in the oral cavity and a built-in 800mAh battery that should charge in less than two hours and last up to thirty days of use.

The price along with the coupon code will be less than NIS 200 - which includes free shipping to Israel.

Oclean x

Additional details and purchase:

Electric Toothbrush from Shiumi at a discounted price

A sophisticated brush from one of Shiumi's renowned home-made ecosystem, with a built-in screen, is available at no VAT and free shipping to Israel

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Price: 54 USD, with free shipping option to the country.

Finding a laptop market with 256GB SSD and Dynamic Memory 8GB for less than 1,500 is no easy task at all - but here at Gearbest you have the opportunity to get what you want. The popular Teclast F7 Plus model which features a 14.1-inch full HD resolution IPS screen, 4GB LPDDR8 memory, 2GB M.256 configuration, four built-in speakers, backlit keyboard, XUM Wi-Fi connectivity Channels and an 802.11 watt-hour battery that should provide eight hours of work for all of these components, combined with the Pentium N38 quad-core processor from the Gemini Lake family of .

The Teclast F7 Plus boasts a metal shell weighing approximately 1.5 pounds, and a variable thickness design that reaches only 7 millimeters at its thinnest point (or 15 millimeters at its thickest point).

Teclast F7 Pro

Additional details and purchase:

Metallic and designed laptop at a price cut

China-based Teclast mobile, which sells more for its well-deserved tablets, is sold for a base cost of less than NIS 1,300 with agile 256GB storage and 8GB dynamic storage

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Price: 360 dollars, with the option of shipping to the country at a starting price of only one dollar.

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