Details on Snapdragon 821: Moderate but welcome improvement

Do not expect big revolutions from next flagship product , But we are nevertheless happy that it exists

In the coming months we will see the Snapdragon's 821 Gradually replaces the 820 is very popular, but what will this change mean? Now we have a much better idea of ​​it.

The chip developer has detailed the improvements that the upgraded version will bring, first and foremost the maximum frequency upgrade for the Kryo cores that are designed for maximum performance, from 2.15GHz to 2.34GHz today, a massive improvement for the Kryo cores that are designed to perform more efficiently and efficiently than 1.59GHz B- 820 to 2.19GHz - and a minor enhancement of the Adreno 530 graphics core frequency, from the maximum 624MHz to the current 653MHz.

A small step for Qualcomm, a small step for the entire market
A small step for Qualcomm, a small step for the entire market

Qualcomm expects the Snapdragon 821 to deliver good generic processing performance at approximately 10 than those of the Snapdragon 820, Better graphics at approximately 5 - along with an additional 5 savings in power consumption thanks to what appears to be a combination of improvements in manufacturing technologies to improvements in hardware and firmware.

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In addition to these direct capabilities improvements, the company's new generation will also provide support for the dedicated virtual reality application development tool it has developed for the launch of its ambitious Daydream platform , Will include support for dual-mode dual-focus detection (Dual PD) for photographic sensors that can deliver even more accurate and fast results, For larger ranges for cameras and more.


For dessert, Qualcomm promises to provide slightly more subjective upgrades for the overall user experience provided by the Snapdragon 821 compared to the Snapdragon 820 - with system uptime speeds of about 10, Which will be faster in 10 percent and even more smooth scrolling and gliding, although this is data that is determined primarily at the level of the software interface that is put on that particular device by its manufacturer.

The bottom line is that it is impossible to argue with the statement that 821 will be a modest improvement compared to what the current high-end market offers, but it is still a key product in smartphones that will keep it relevant for a while. It will help us feel that there is some progress in the field instead of a full treading. 'Is bigger for the development of the true next generation of its chips, in the hope that we will not once again get a relatively disappointing product such as the 810

The first Snapdragon 821 will be the Zenfone 3 Deluxe, and we expect to see dozens more after the start of 2017, where we may have a real heir
Device The first 821 will be the 3 Deluxe, and we look forward to seeing dozens of others following it until the beginning of 2017, in which we may win a real heir

And now - where the heirs of the 14 nanometer-to- 650 and L- Their 652 we are waiting impatiently?