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Fifth Generation for the Masses: Samsung Introduces the Exynos 980 Chip

The first model of the giant manufacturer with an 5G modem built into it may appear inside Real only next year

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In this duel, Huawei is the one to win: Exposed Mate 30 5G and Mate 30 Pro 5G Models Have officially become the first smartphones ever powered by a super system (SoC) with a built-in modem for cellular communication in the fifth generation, in addition to its ability to provide communication in the second, third and fourth generation of course. The second market to do so will be a company And it will happen sometime in the near future thanks to the chipset Its fresh 980.

Contrast To Kirin 990 5G Of the competitor, the Exynos 980 is essentially a chip for the mid-market - and as such includes six small and economical Cortex-A55 cores that operate at frequencies up to 1.8GHz, plus a pair of advanced Cortex-A77 cores Up to 2.2GHz and Mali G76MP5 medium graphics core.

Start incorporating the fifth generation into the heart Of the system

The chip is manufactured in the company's 8 nm process Itself (the second generation of the company's manufacturing process at 10 nm), including a built-in NPU to accelerate computational and artificial learning performance, including an image processing unit with support for up to 108 megapixel sensors (or in other words, the innovative Bright HMX sensor of We already told you about it), support for LPDDR4X memories, storage support for eMMC 5.1 or UFS 2.1 standards, built-in Wi-Fi connectivity support for 802.11ax up to WQHD display resolutions - and of course a modem Built from the Shannon family capable of delivering and uploading speeds of up to 1Gbps and 200Mbps in the fourth generation (respectively), and even greater download and upload speeds of 2.55Gbps and 1.28Gbps in the fifth generation.

The addition of artificial intelligence acceleration - and a combination of a built-in 6 Wi-Fi modem, which doesn't exist even in the most powerful chips at home Right now

To- 980 even has support for DC, or Dual Connectivity, for a fourth and fifth generation integrated connection that will deliver crazy theoretical download speeds of up to 3.55Gbps and up to 1.38Gbps upload speeds.

We are eagerly awaiting the first commercial integration of the Bright HMX sensor - this is likely to happen even before the 980 will be available

This advanced and intriguing chipset is set to reach commercial and mass production by the end of the current year, which is probably indicative of the first smart devices that will be based on it coming to stores early next year (though public and official announcements can't be ruled out before) - though Samsung chose Announce it at this early stage, a few days before The announcement of the Kirin 990 5G In fact, hoping to get some credit from tech enthusiasts as well as those who came first to the handsome achievement.

All the latest specs, on one leg

We don't know what branding or pricing will be the first smartphone to contain the 980, but exhilarating at the very thought of intermediate devices with significant modern processing power, support for ultra-advanced photo sensors, based on efficient production process, with support for connectivity Progressive as well - with the support of the fifth generation networks, which will someday come to the Holy Land.


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