Do not stop upgrading: Samsung is preparing an enhanced version of the smartphone with the HWzone ™ HUGE battery

Do not stop upgrading: Samsung is preparing an improved version for the smartphone with the giant battery

The Geekbench test reveals another version of the intermediate model M30, shortly after the launch of the M40

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Samsung's interim product line has undergone an interesting change over the past year, With the Galaxy A series becoming more diverse and popular And swallowed several other series that accompanied us in previous years - and alongside it was created The new Galaxy M series, In which greater emphasis than ever before on my life Maximum price reasonable.

It began with the Galaxy M10 and the Galaxy M20 modest and continued with the Galaxy M30 more intriguing, when recently joined the Galaxy M40 to celebrate with Snapdragon 675 is efficient from Qualcomm, an 6.3-inch PLS screen and a triangular back-up array (but also with a relatively moderate 3,500mAh battery). Now, M30 may have its own update soon - even though it was officially launched just four months ago.

The M30 has not yet managed to land in Israel, not even through parallel imports - but it may soon be a more cost-effective alternative

Geekbench Performance Test Buffer A fresh result was observed For a Samsung device that bears the name of the SM-M307F model, which is very similar to the Galaxy M305 SM-M30F and probably symbolizes the Galaxy M30s, assuming that the naming method introduced by the company in the Galaxy A series will also be retained in this case. The new device is based on Exynos 9610 is an octagonal cores and economical based on the manufacturing process of Samsung's 10-nm, as a rather important improvement compared to Exynos 7885 is the oldest octagon in M30 currently sold. The device will also include 4GB of dynamic memory, and the expectation and hope is to keep it With a great 5,000mAh capacity that can provide even better latency with the latest processing unit.

The results obtained in the performance test for Exynos 9610 is better than 25 M30 with the 7885 - both in single-core capabilities and in multi-core capabilities

We still do not know when the The M30s intended and what additional changes it will bring relative to his brother, if any, but in the meantime there seems to be a very good reason to keep track of him and after any additional addition to this budget family of the Korean giant.

We will not object to seeing a model M50 with Maximum Capacity and Snapdragon chips from For increased performance - although there is still no indication of the existence of such a product

Devices M has not yet been officially launched in Israel, although there are several stores that offer the M20 model for sale based on parallel imports - and we certainly hope to see an increased presence of this family in the local market later, A modern. Agree with us or not? Invited to share comments.

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