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Huawei Mate 20 Pro is available for early purchase in Israel - with a smart clock as a gift

The new models of Landing in the domestic market at record speed thanks to the manufacturer's refocusing - with an interesting deal that also includes the Watch GT

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We heard the statement from Huawei's representatives about a goal to bring back a significant domestic market share lost in the renowned dispute with Electra, and it turns out it wasn't just lip service - The models have just been shown in London Are already on their way to Israel, with price tags that may be surprisingly good and in the framework of deals equal to those who are ready to make an early purchase.

The Mate 20 Pro, with the three-poster backlit array that includes a sophisticated main 40 unit, 6GB of LPDDR4X memory and volume Internal 128GB, offered in black, blue and double blue, dubbed Twilight at a cost of NIS 4,000 - which is cheaper than the official 1,050 Euro price set for European countries, for a change. If that is not good enough for you, note that early invitees in the next few weeks (the official delivery date is increased to 5 in November 2018) will receive the sports watch The new GT Watch together with the device, with an official value of 1,000 New Shekels, at no additional charge.

You can't call this price cheap - but it is better than expected compared to other markets, and a smart watch bonus may be very significant for some potential buyers

The standard Mate 20 models will be offered in the same three tones, with a slightly more advanced triangular shooting array, but also a significant lower edge at the official price of 3,000 for new 128GB storage and memory Of 4GB - which is also lower than the official 800 Euro price for the same product in the West. Unfortunately it seems that in this case there is no unique bonus for early invitees.

We would like to see a deal with a watch or at least a bracelet Also free for the standard 20 Mate, but there does not seem to be such a program

For dessert, the Mate 20 Lite model, originally introduced a few months ago, arrives in Israel (with an 29 availability target in October) at NIS 1,750 prices for the model with Kirin 710, dynamic memory of 4GB and volume Of 64GB - in which case agile purchasers will receive the fitness bracelet Band 3 Pro Gift, valued at approximately 500 New Shekels.

Also the most basic Lite model in the brand comes - one week before his brother

The Mate 20 X models designed for devout gaming and media enthusiasts and the luxury leather-wrapped Mate 20 RS will not officially arrive in Israel at this time, unfortunately - but only through parallel importers who decide to invest in, if they do.

The gaming model, which would have cost about NIS 3,400, is missing

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