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Double local launch at three-digit prices: New Xiaomi smartphones

The Redmi Note 8, in version Free of the megapixel 64 camera, and the Giant Battery's Redmi 8A is also available for purchase in local stores.

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The Holy Land continues to be one of the first countries in the world to enjoy the latest specimens of (Xiaomi), even those that were officially launched a few weeks ago or even days ago. This time on the menu of local representative Hamilton: launch for Redmi Note 8 and Redmi 8A budget.

Redmi Note 8 is the discounted brother of the Redmi Note 8 Pro that itself popped up in the local landscape just a few weeks ago - the IPS panel shrinks from 6.53 inches to 6.3 inches but maintains a decent modern 2,340 × 1,080 pixel resolution, Mediatek's leading Helio G90T is replaced by a more modest octagonal Snapdragon XNUM chip Which should be very effective in operation, the rear square camera loses its 64 megapixel unit in favor of a more common 48 megapixel sensor, the selfie camera transforms from 20 megapixel to 13 megapixel while the XNUMA X capacity decreases , Still with support for relatively fast 4,000 watts.

The new alternative to the popular Redmi Note 7?

The price of the standard Redmi Note 8, to suit anyone who is unwilling to choose a smart device based on של , Will stand for NIS 1,000 (or NIS X if you want to boast a three-digit price) with the choice of black, white and blue tint - and with a bonus in the form of a suitable glass shield and silicone cover (declared NIS X worth) to those who purchase the device at the beginning .

The official importer offers cover and protection as a benefit to nimble buyers - but for parallel importers the model can already be found at prices less than NIS 850

This base version of the device will offer 64GB of built-in storage (expandable via microSD) and 4GB of dynamic memory, with the importer announcing plans to market in the country the advanced version of the device with 6GB of And 128GB for storage, in the small price gap up to the Redmi Note 8 Pro whose recommended cost starts at NIS 1,200.

We definitely welcome the quick landing of this unique device in the local arena - let's hope its two interesting shades are on the way too

Another new guest in the country is the intriguing Redmi 8A, which at an initial recommended price of NIS 555 (good luck?) Will offer an 6.22-inch 1,560 × 720 pixel screen in Gorilla Glass 5 cladding, Octagonal 439, volume Internal of 32GB, Dynamic 2GB, main 12 megapixel camera is based on IMX363 sensor and mainly 5,000mAh battery with support for fast 18 watt charging (based on dedicated charger, not the one that comes with the device with up to 10 power supply).

Currently, there are no parallel importers marketing the Redmi 8A in the country - but this is likely to change soon and will allow the cost tags to start falling to levels below NIS 500, and maybe even below NIS 400 later

The Redmi 8A is available for purchase in black only at the moment, hoping that we will also see the red and blue shades of the model available at a price higher than 105 from the official importer price for the Redmi 7A model with the same volumes. - Significantly higher than the price with which the device was originally introduced in India, although the mere entry of the smartphone into the domestic arena should spur parallel importers to operate and result in a rapid drop in costs in the near future thanks to increased competition.


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  1. What are these prices? Allah… ..If threats were made in their minds they would not turn to importers in the country at all and would do this little work themselves.
    Amazon came to Israel and everyone here is crying instead of lowering prices and competing, now that there is only a facility that holds products listed on Amazon from Israeli importers so that's fine.
    Wait wait more will eat you without salt.

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