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Driving in peace: an advanced QHD camera for your car is available at a discount

VIOFO's A119 model, which promises to give you some peace of mind on the roads, is discounted

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There are countless dedicated cameras for vehicles that are sold on the market today, at different prices and different configurations - but not all of them are equally high quality and advanced. The Gearbest online store is now offering an advanced one, which guarantees quality photography at a competitive price.

The VIOFO A119 camera is based on the OmniVision OV4689 sensor, which supports MP4 at 1080p resolution up to 60 frames per second and 1440p resolution at up to 30 frames per second With a wide 96660 wide angle and a maximum f / 160 aperture, which should ensure Deserve even in dark conditions.


The camera includes Built in to indicate the location of the video, as well as support cards Up to 64GB to save the recordings themselves, an audio recording microphone and a built-in 2-inch LCD screen to display the image to the user in real-time.

You can adjust the position of the photo unit in A119 without moving the whole body of the camera
You can adjust the position of the photo unit in A119 without moving the whole body of the camera

The standard price of VIOFO A119 stands at 100 USD, but using the coupon code 'degrUpon purchase (after a free registration to the store site) Bring the price to the level of 75 dollars Includes free shipping to Israel, which is about NIS 290. It pays quite well, if you're interested in photography Reliable and accurate in your vehicle.

Worth the investment
Worth the investment


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    1. Do you state that they are more reliable based on what?
      Aside from the fact that Eli Express does not work with PayPal (which is a huge drawback for many people) all the shipments I ordered from Gribst on Chinese Bachelor Day (about 6 * different * shipments *) were already available to me, with each of the orders choosing the cheapest one.
      Mali Express, on the other hand, ordered two different shipments, and to this day they have not even arrived in Israel.

      Then again, where is the assertion that Eli Express is more reliable?

      1. Ali Express is really better, I buy online for years and Ali Express is the best site ever. Just really comfortable and so easy to buy, really click and that's it, within a day it was sent within this week in Israel and within two months it's in your mail. I see no downside, absolutely, in entering your credit card just once there and that's it. Credit cards are insured and even if they are stolen, the chance is almost zero, so be it all is completely protected.

        1. There is no connection to the theft of the card, and the credit card insurance is unrelated to this matter.
          These are cases where you have problems with the seller. For example, the product does not arrive at all, or it arrives valid, or you have ordered a cell phone and suddenly received a box with a disk online ...
          When you pay through PayPal you have the option to make a dispute and get the money back. Direct credit card purchases - in cases like the ones I described - unequivocally * do not * have that option.
          Technically you can deny a deal, but it would be a criminal offense because you are actually lying to the credit company that stole the details from you and you never made that deal, which is a lie in this case.

          Buying through PayPal, especially in front of private individuals / chiconic stores (eg all eBay sellers / Eli Express, etc.) is much safer than direct credit card purchases.

        2. But at AE this is not a direct credit card purchase. They have a service called alipay which is their paypal (note that Uber in China gets paid for it ).
          In fact, look at AE as the enemy for everything, they have their own PAYPAL, their own Despiot system and so on. No problem buying from there.

      2. Just yesterday I received something I ordered on Bachelor's Day, and also refunded an item that did not arrive.
        In Jerbast, there are those who get Chinese viruses even when they order a global one.

  1. If you order from the GEARBEST website, I have ordered 2 cameras like this before 3 months ago, just excellent and convenient, there is PAYPAL of course.
    Sites like Eli Express are cute when you wait a month or two for a product.

  2. Totally agree with Omri.
    Does not purchase a site that does not have a single, smooth PayPal.

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