End of the Road? Google vs. Huawei (updated)

The original article: Further sanctions imposed on the Chinese manufacturer by the US government have also led to a dramatic move on the part of the Chinese government - which could ruin the business of its smartphones

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Do we expect these hours at the very beginning of a snowball that will eventually lead to the complete separation between Huawei, the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the world today, and the Android system of And the variety of software services it offers?

Reuters news agency She reported That a decision by the Commerce Department of the US government to place the large Chinese company on the black list of companies with business sanctions against other technology companies based in the United States (as part of a long struggle against Huawei's close ties with the Chinese government) Major and significant collaborations that have existed so far against the technology giant .

This began with Western pressure to avoid using Huawei's infrastructure equipment for networks Fifth generation news - and now it seems that the products for the end consumers are going to suffer significantly

However, it is believed that Huawei will lose access to early and internal versions of the Android system, lose access to the system's security updates and also lose access to the online Play Store services and Such as Gmail and - While the move should not affect existing devices that have already been sold to customers or on store shelves, it will affect all future models of the manufacturer, and will require very large changes to provide a user experience and support similar to what we have seen to date.

There were days when the close cooperation between Huawei and Google gave birth to one of the two The latter are definitely - but now the circumstances and situation are radically different

Chinese officials have stated that existing users will continue to enjoy services and security updates for their Android devices, but added that the company will continue to build and develop a complete software system to provide its users with a leading user experience, with no further mention of herself. This response reinforces the assessments that the US government's boycott will promote the development of an alternative action system and compete on behalf of the US government Itself as a solution for the continuation of the road, similar to the extensive material development that the manufacturer has been carrying out in recent years.

What will happen to promising devices like the Mate X fold or the designated Mate 30? This is just one of many burning questions

How this saga will affect the status of In the global market? We are likely to have many more developments before we can know for sure - so we will continue to monitor and provide you with the key updates.

In addition to Google, too , Broadcom, And Xilinx have suspended their dealings with the Chinese giant - at least temporarily until the situation becomes clear

updating: The waves that hit the network of reports about Google led to the distribution of Temporary disclaimer On behalf of the United States Government for a period of 90 a day, which will allow Huawei to continue to acquire services and components from US companies for support of existing products. This decision gives the manufacturer a more real ability to continue to provide support for smartphones and tablets based Which have already reached the hands of users or stores around the globe, but will still prevent the use of these systems and components for future models - so that separated it from Still very real, albeit at a slightly less immediate time.

Google has already announced that it will return to cooperate with Huawei when it comes to updates For its various Android devices as a result of the new relief - when at the end of the exercise grace period it will be possible to consider an additional extension of the order in 90 days, in such a way as to provide a temporary unofficial solution to the mess during the interim period until the situation becomes fully clear.