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Even without expensive dedicated charger: Galaxy Note 10 Plus excels in battery charging

New flagship product Including my life Nice thanks to large capacity - and also adds the fastest charging in the entire market with the cargo included in the package

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Reviews of Galaxy Note 10 models Throughout the network, there are many reasons to praise, especially for The larger and more prestigious Plus model - The performance is good, the photographic capabilities are surprisingly good, the S-Pen is as unique and effective as ever, the quality stereo speakers and the display panel are of the highest quality.

All this data can be added with a well-deserved battery life, As requested thanks to the 4,300mAh capacity battery - But what is more impressive and surprising is the fact that it is Generous also recharges at very impressive speeds, even when using only the standard charger with up to 25 watts that the manufacturer includes in the case with the device as a default.

Has been able to improve battery life - and at the same time minimize charging times

Samsung's official Super Fast Chargers charging up to 25 watts (the USB Power Delivery standard introduced by USB 3.1 technology) have proven to be the most efficient and nimble on the market today in several different and independent tests when they succeeded in bringing the battery On the Galaxy Note 10 Plus About 20 percent of capacity in just ten minutes of charging, to more than 40 percent of capacity in 20 minutes of charging and nearly 65 percent of full capacity in half an hour - on the way to full charging in just over an hour, about 65 minutes or so.

Absolutely impressive for the 4,300mAh battery, even when compared to 30 watts and even 40 watts chargers that are offered with some smartphones out there.

One of a variety of charging speeds comparison videos currently on the network - proving that the 25 watt charger can offer very similar capabilities to the 40 watt charger, depending on the specific technology application of the manufacturer

Samsung's official Super Fast Charge, with a maximum capacity of no less than 45 watts, which is only supported by The Note 10 Plus today (And not by H.-Note 10 standard) And sold separately At a recommended price of 50 dollars - Allows even more impressive loading That reaches more than 25 percent of capacity in ten minutes, more than 50 percent of capacity in just twenty minutes, and 75 percent of battery capacity in half an hour. Reaching 100 charging percentages still takes about an hour, worth noting, due to the need to slow down the battery's practical charging power as it approaches full capacity within the limits of current lithium technology today.

Does this light speed addition justify paying an extra 50 dollars for a device with a very expensive price tag in the first place? It will depend on when you are ready to invest in being near an electrical outlet (or being without your personal smart device) during the day

Very soon we will also receive first reviews The standard Galaxy Note 10 models, Which include the support of those older brother's 25 watts More modest in 3,500mAh capacity - and it will be very interesting to find out whether this means they can offer even more impressive charging speeds, or whether Samsung has still preferred to save the best to the most expensive model. In any case, after years of shuffling in the back of the manufacturer, it seems that they are catching up well with their batteries and recharge - let's hope this is just the beginning for this field, with more pleasant surprises to come.

Preliminary exams indicate that the Note 10 loads more slowly from the Plus model - though we will wait for more results and testimonials before we do our bit

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