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Everything for the perfect Salafi: Xiaomi wants to conquer the young with CC9

An intriguing collaboration between two Gives rise to a new series of devices with the name CC9, which will focus on photographic capabilities

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Sometimes it seems that a week does not work without any new announcement from the fast-growing Xiaomi company, which is no longer focused solely on smartphones, but also has a wide range of smart means in the form of collaborative ventures it has created with Others. However, it is not every day that we anticipate the birth of a whole new product family - so you should spend a few minutes getting acquainted with the CC9 and the CC9e.

The CC9 is another model designed for the younger generation and offers an 6.39 XMUMX XMUMX screen with 2,340 × 1,080 resolution, HDR support and Gorilla Glass 5 protective cover, Snapdragon 710 is an economical octagonal octopus, 6GB dynamic memory with 64GB or 128GB for internal storage (expandable in microSD), built-in fingerprint scanner, Android Pie system, Built-in NFC, headphone jack, infrared transmitter, Bluetooth connectivity 5.0 with support for aptX HD, connectivity 802.11ac channel multiplexer and built-in 4,030mAh battery with fast Quick Charge 3.0 charging.

Small fault, Large front

The device has a triangular backlit array with a main 48 megapixel unit , 8 MP for wide angle viewing and 2 megapixel sensor for additional depth sensing - plus a 32-based SLP sensor with capabilities For optimal performance in dark conditions and a promise of photographic performance at a level not inferior to the most prestigious models sold in the market. Data sufficient to capture the young, combined with white, black or blue, and price tags of 1,800 RMB (about 262 USD for 64GB version) and 2,000 RMB (about 291 USD for 128GB version)? Marketing will begin in the coming days in China and will reveal the answer.

The devices are made of metal shell between two glass coverings - with an interesting and quite unique finish at the back

The CC9e will be a more compact and compact version of the product with an 6.09 Super AMOLED screen and a resolution of 1,560 x 720 pixels (the company declares that the dimensions of the model are similar to those of a conventional 5.2 in a traditional configuration) Snapdragon 665 based on 11 nm production process, 4GB or 6GB dynamic memory, 64GB or 128GB storage and photo sets are the same as those of Big Brother, alongside With the same 4,030mAh capacity that should provide even more impressive capabilities with the modest resolution and the reduced panel.

The CC9e may be one of the most modern battery champions in the market - and it also includes an impressive specification for the cost tag

The CC9e will be offered in the same blue, black or white colors of the CC9, and between 1,300 CNY (189) and 1,600 (232) for a top model with 128GB for storage and 6GB of .

CC9 (left) and CC9e (right) in documentation that does not match the actual size differences between the two

The new family's favorite third model will receive the name CC9 Meitu Edition, the name of the Chinese manufacturer, which claims to be the biggest expert on advanced SLF cameras and cameras that has entered into a business partnership with Xiomi since last year and contributed to the development of all CC9 models. The designated Meitu version will be the same as the standard CC9, but will be offered with volume Handsome of 256GB, Dynamic 8GB and programmatic enhancements such as electronic image stabilization (EIS) for the front camera - pearl tone and 2,600 yuan price, which is 378 USD in direct conversion.

A model bearing the names of two manufacturers Miscellaneous - Sure recipe for success?

We still do not know whether there are plans to launch the CC9 series outside of its home market, but we will not object to further expansion of the existing selection in our local sector, With generous capacity and competitive ownership.

Soon in Hebrew too? We'll see


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  1. Beautiful and too bad.
    It's a shame that there's no wireless charging and no water protection.
    But could give Fayette to Samsung's A Series.

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