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66 Watts fast charging and breaking records in the next smartphone from Xiaomi

Documentation from a Chinese regulatory body assures us New and interesting from the Chinese manufacturer's house - and now it remains to be decided whether this is the next model in the Mi family, another new model from the Mi Mix family or something completely different

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The fast charging field in the smartphone market has experienced a very positive and very positive surge over the past year, and today A modern not capable of providing full capacity for a battery that runs it in one hour or less is considered obsolete - with some models even pushing for a major change of perception with a charge of only twenty minutes or fifteen hours a day which should provide all the energy required for the user.

Chinese Oppo is the undisputed leader in charging technologies, as of this writing, but we already know that another big Chinese company, Xiaomi, wants to grab its crown and wand with it That will provide 100 watts for ultra-fast charging - and now we have further evidence that this vision is approaching.

The people of Ensure 100 watt charging on smartphones becomes a reality during 2020 - and we have a hint that the revolution is coming

XenumXC (Compulsory Certification of China) New from home , With support for fifth-generation communications - and charging at up to 30 watts and up to 66 watts (3 ampere current of no less than 20 volts) respectively. Unfortunately, the documentation at 3C does not provide us with additional technical details, as opposed to documentation in standard bodies such as the TENAA, ECC or FCC - but it is likely to be the new and leading devices of the successful Chinese actress when considering connectivity and providers. Charging.

The model names don't leave us too many choices - but just try to guess what this is about

It's impossible to assume anything in advance, but with 66 watts maximum power to Xiaomi certainly has the potential to offer us a new record in charging times Smart Devices - This after breaking this record twice over the past few weeks with the Realme X2 Pro and the Reno Ace, and currently stands at only 28 minutes for full capacity for the 4,000mAh battery.

The network guesses that the pair of mysterious home appliances May be from the Mi Mix family (there have been rumors of the upcoming Mi Mix 4 launch for some time) or Mi 10 models that will be the manufacturer's first flagship in 2020 - a model with "only" 30 watt charging may be the standard version , While a model with 66 watt charging may be the leading and most expensive version of the same device.

We have already received quite a few notices that the maximum charging power alone does not indicate the effective charging speed, as the power consumed at any given time varies dynamically depending on the different physical and electrical characteristics of the device and the battery - but surely a higher power gives a great chance of peak shredding.

The documentation we currently have is apparently indicative of an official launch within a few weeks - so we will no doubt continue to follow and provide you with updates on the sequels on behalf of .

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