The future of smartphones is already here, and Chinese manufacturers dictate it. • HWzone

The future of smartphones is already here, and the Chinese manufacturers dictate it

We had not yet managed to catch our breath Since the launch of Vivo NEX, And here comes In addition to the Far East that challenges the technological concepts we have become accustomed to

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It is possible that the smartphones that will arrive somewhere in the future will succeed in shuffling the cards again, but as of now it can be declared that the leading Chinese players in the field of smartphones are those who took the lead and initiative on the technological development and innovation in the field - also with a triangular camera system (Huawei) Which relates to the largest screen compression that can be described at a given physical size. Introducing the new category: Find X's .

Earlier estimates predicted that this model would be a clone of the OnePlus 6, based on past experience and the close connection behind the scenes between the two manufacturers, but the Find X now proves to be much, much more unique: an 6.4 From the front, with the most tight frame ever (and probably also the new one in this field, we will be forgiven NEX S and NEX A of Vivo). All you have on the front of the product is a tiny black bottom chin and a thin earpiece at the top - and so is the back of the device that offers a rounded and smooth look with no other elements besides the manufacturer logo.

First of its kind, and really not a stepfather of the VI - both in terms of characteristics and prices

All three cameras, two rear and one forward to Slippy, as well as depth and proximity sensors, are all hidden inside the upper part of the Find X, which rises up in a motorized mechanism whenever needed. B- Declare that this mechanism is resistant to 300,000 opening and closing operations at the very least, which is no doubt supposed to be reliable enough even for the toughest users who will use it dozens of times every day.

The Slider configuration makes an unexpected comeback

The Find X completely gives up with the fingerprint scanner for clean design and provides support for face recognition technology as an alternative. Although it is not at all certain that the mechanical mechanism will be considered convenient and fast enough for all users, Not compromising on technical capabilities with Snapdragon 845, 8GB RAM, built-in storage of 256GB standard UFS standard no longer supports further expansion, Android system XiaoX, NFC built-in connectivity 802.11ac Dual Channel and Connectivity 5.0, a main photographic array consisting of a 16 megapixel unit with an optical stabilization system and a secondary 20 megapixel camera, an 25 front megapixel camera and an 3,730mAh battery with ultra-fast VOOC loading that ensures up to 75 of capacity within about 35 minutes.

The device will be available in red or blue - with a black trimmed in the frame of the Lamborghini luxury model

Find X is the most interesting smart device of And is undoubtedly aware of it - and is based on it as its springboard to the European market. For this reason, we receive an announcement of a massive official recommended pricing of no less than EUR 1,000, including the local VAT supplement, and even a British pound 1,000 in the United Kingdom, with plans to launch this August, without mentioning the limited edition The Lamborghini car logo, which will be priced at 1,700 Euro, is no less.

The device will be significantly expensive in Europe compared to China, although also in the home market of It will be very far from the definition of folk - with the cost of 4,500 yuan, or as 700 dollars, version with 128GB of storage

It is difficult to assess whether Find X will become the base of a new wave of But we certainly appreciate the experience and the willingness to dare to change even the most basic and accepted characteristics in the field. Agree with us or not so? Let's tell in comments.

Two adjacent models with motorized cameras prove that this is the new fashion that will dominate the market? Not sure, though it is hard to ignore the trend


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  1. Hmmm
    Filled a "motorized" SLF camera, but the whole set of photographs
    With UP and DOWN system? "A little" problematic, in my opinion,
    And I'm no longer talking about response time from the moment I want to shoot a witness
    That the smartphone is ready for the mission.
    Not to mention the price ......

    1. On the part of my name the lens does not get dirty and the pictures always come out well
      Although I agree with you that this is problematic, when you put in such devices movement is more gentle and less resistant to blows and falls, which can also make the repair very expensive.

  2. Think what a funny and cooly it would be if someone accidentally installed a spyware app on his mobile and suddenly without reason he would see the camera go up and down without warning during the day.

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