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First glance at Xiaomi's next market break

A new smartphone from the Chinese manufacturer under the code name Kenzo has emerged in the Geekbench performance test database, and makes us believe that the release of the Redmi 3 is around the corner

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We are still trying to digest the lavish cost-benefit ratio it provided us The Redmi Note 3 The new metal of , And here it seems to be beginning to drip first details on her new new device, which may be "Little Brother" Redmi 3.

Into the Geekbench Performance Test Database The result came up Of a Xiaomi smartphone called Kenzo - and offers Qualcomm's Snadpragon 617 processor (MSM8952 octagon cores, even though the repository is allegedly incorrectly identified as three cores), 2GB RAM and system Lollipop 5.1.1.


Other technical details are not available for now, but the network is already convinced that this is actually Redmi 3, the small and low-cost variation of the Redmi Note 3 which is naturally slated to arrive in the near future. If this is a Redmi 3, then we might expect a device with a roughly 5 screen (at 720p or 1080p resolution), with 2GB of RAM and 16GB or 32GB of storage - and as a Snapdragon 617 chip which is an easy upgrade to Snapdragon 615, which we saw recently On HTC A9.


The highlight in this case too, assuming the estimates are accurate, should be the price tag - while the A9 is offered for sale at $ 400 or higher, the Redmi 3 may cost as little as 120 to 150 USD depending on the built-in storage volume of the sub-model, making it another very impressive interim market offer.

The Redmi 2 has been offered in a number of serious versions over the past year, and all of them have been very worthwhile, without exception
The Redmi 2 Proposed number Hard versions During the past year, and all of them were very worthwhile, without exception

We will continue to follow and update you.


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