Flashing or a bad joke? Samsung's huge tablet is coming up with the launch of HWzone

Flashing or a bad joke? Samsung's huge tablet is about to launch

Samsung decided that an 18.4-inch tablet is exactly what this fading market needs. Let's see it and decide whether they are in the direction

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The young tablet market has already moved from marching instead of back-surfing in terms of the number of products sold and sales volumes, so it can definitely be stated that this market is slowly fading - and needs a new flash (such as the original iPad) in order to have a chance to get back on track.

Apple hopes that the new, large and sophisticated iPad Pro will give the answer to all those consumers who are looking for something new, and it seems that Samsung (which already has a professional 12 tablet in the market) will take this trend a step further, View - Huge size of 18.4 inches.

glxv6 glxv5

Source: sammobile.com

We've heard all sorts of details about the View a few months ago, but now new reports are providing us with official images of the device, along with some technical specifications and even a price tag - which helps us try to understand the direction it's going , And to wonder whether the Korean giant lost it altogether, or that they actually came up with an innovative and refreshing concept.

glxv1 glxv2

Based on the information currently available, the Galaxy View will offer an 18.4 × 1,080 × 1,920 pixel screen (don’t expect to receive an AMOLED panel here, friends), Exynos 7580 which despite its name is not particularly advanced, but rather constitutes a product market intermediate with eight-core Cortex A53 frequency 1.6GHz and core graphics pretty basic sample Mali-T720MP2, memory RAM 2GB, storage structured 32GB with expandable microSD slot for 128GB information system 5.1 of course, a front-end 2 camcorder, Stereo, support and connectivity The 802.11ac and 64 watts have a relatively generous hour that is sufficient to last 8 hours for this monster.


The price, according to two stores that started offering the tablet for an unofficial early purchase, will be $ 600 - very high in terms of the tablet market we are familiar with, but not quite high compared to any other device on the market that includes a 18.4-inch screen. God- View will come with a built-in rear foot-to-the-surface devices , Which will allow it to run on a table at multiple angles. The same leg will also have a dedicated slot for carrying the tablet by hand - which makes it clear that the idea here is that the product will be , Despite its massive size.

Expensive, or not really?
Expensive, or not really?

God- View is set to be unveiled and launched this November, when the big disappearance, which may determine whether this product succeeds or fails altogether, is its weight - the iPad Pro feels like a product that should succeed because Apple has managed to create Larger than the one we received just a few years ago from devices with 10-inch screens, and if Samsung succeeds similarly to create It may be a product that really works like an all-in-one computer that you can carry with you anywhere more conveniently than ever before.

glxv4 glxv3

The series of note-winning and highly successful Note devices has proven to us that Samsung is capable of being an innovative and groundbreaking company - now it's only time to wait and find out whether this shine of its own will hit the tablet market as well.

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