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The device folds, Samsung folds up? Galaxy Fold launch rejection (updated: official announcement)

updating: A short formal notice from the company Confirms the rejection, promises to use methods and ways to improve the durability of the product and add explanations to help ensure its longevity - a new launch date will be announced in the coming weeks, so it appears that a delay of at least a month corresponds to reality, potentially more than that.

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Original article: The ultra-luxury smartphone, which was due to reach stores around the world next week may be delayed due to reports on a variety of technical problems - at least in some markets

Samsung has enjoyed great success in the smartphone market so far in 2019, with evidence of demand and high sales volumes of the various Galaxy S10 models - when the highlight was supposed to be ahead of us with the launch of The Galaxy Fold As the first smartphone ever to have a flexible screen that folds in half, with a decade of A burglar who stood behind him. Could this celebration turn into a kind of tragedy?

Samsung has invested quite a lot of effort in recent months to calm doubts about the durability of the mechanical mechanism that folds the Super screen Of the Fold over time, with a statement of 200,000 compliance at least closing and opening operations that would allow years of frequent use without any foreseeable problems - and then the first models of the equivalent of 2,000 (at least) reached reporters, and except for complaints that the folding point Between the two parts of the display panel is obvious in every aspect we have received a number of indications that the devices could not survive even a single working day before they died alive.

Long years of waiting were supposed to come to a happy end - but was it possible that folding screen technology was not ripe for the real world?

The blame was first placed on the peeling of the built-in plastic layer designed to protect the innovative configuration of the Fold, when Samsung made it clear that units reaching consumers would eventually contain prominent warnings to prevent the error - but at the same time there were reports and records of models where the display panel was broken together with the protective cover, which only increased the defiance and interest in the network, Unofficially called Bendgate 2.0, a reminder of the case of the 6 iPhone devices, which curved and broke easily.

Various reports of Samsung's failures and attempts to reassure those concerned are somewhat reminiscent of the early days of Samsung The Galaxy Note 7 - Let's hope to get proof that we were wrong

Samsung continues to insist that everything is fine and there is nothing to worry about, but now Reports are received That the giant company may postpone the launch of the Fold in a month or even more - at least in China and the United States, with the possibility that the home market in South Korea and perhaps markets in Europe will receive the piece of refreshing technology from the 26 in April. These are informal details that should be treated with skepticism - but there is no doubt that this is a saga that should be continued to be followed, especially when the official site of Israel already has a page for the Fold, who makes it clear that he is willing to launch in the Holy Land as well.

Many people had a hard time believing that this smart device would justify a starting price tag of about NIS 8,000 - and reliability problems certainly did not add confidence

What do you think of the monstrous screen and monstrous price tag so far? Let's share your comments!

Will it be a great success or a huge failure? We'll probably know soon


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  1. לדעתי אסור לסמסונג להסתכן ולהוציא לשוק מכשיר עם פוטנציאל לבעיות כל כך קשות.
    מה גם שמדובר במכשיר דגל יוקרתי ויקר מאוד.

  2. מי שראה את המכשיר וראה את נקודת הקיפול…. הרגיש שאין שם 90º. (וההגיון אומר שצריך לפחות 92,5º בכדי להיות בצד הבטוח)
    מכשיר הFOLD של סמסונג תמיד הביא לי קונוטציה למעבד ה GLUE של AMD.

    רוצים משטח אופטי גמיש ולא איזו זכוכית מחוסמת!

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