For the fans of the tablets: Nexus 6 with 64GB of storage in 300 USD only (updated)

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updating: The 32GB is also blue And the price of 250 dollars (Excluding tax and shipping to Israel) returned to the inventory - will be hijacked before it is finished again.

Original Article: The Great Naxos of Amazon is offered once again at a price that should not be missed

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Amazon United States Returns the Her wonderful operation For Motorola 6 and Motorola 300 for a second spin - 6 for a version of the XNUMX Super AMOLED screen and QHD resolution, 805 quad-core, 3GB's And generous 64GB of volume .

The operation, which began this morning, also included the 32GB models of the smartphone for $ 250, but it seems that they have run out of inventory once again (open their eyes, they may come back soon), but in the meantime it is still possible to get the 64GB , As stated, in blue color and at a great price.


In this particular case, there is no direct booking via Amazon to Israel, but it can certainly be done with shipping companies such as Buy2USA and Shipito, at a total cost of NIS 1,800, which is still a discount of almost NIS 1,000 compared to the price we found in stores So if you're still looking for a clean and 'pure' Android experience, The device is old and good quality - There's a great opportunity here. Enjoyable shopping!

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