Galaxy's Lost Brother S6? This is how the Xiaomi Mi 5 looks like HWzone

Galaxy's Lost Brother S6? This is how the Xiaomi Mi 5 looks

New images and video show us the seemingly final and official appearance of the flagship device intriguing by the Chinese manufacturer

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We have been hearing about it for over six months, but in recent weeks it seems that the amount of information available is growing rapidly, and practical launches are closer than ever. After a few rumors About appearance, specification and price - We are now receiving allegedly official PR photos of the Mi 5, and it looks pretty good.

Judging by the images, the new smartphone leads to the To be accurate Will be available in at least four different shades, including a light pink that somewhat resembles Rose Gold's Which began this feminine trend, but even more brilliant. In addition, there is the familiar black and white, as well as the gold that slowly becomes a standard in metallic or metallic elements - in this case all shades are clearly integrated both at the rear and the front of the instrument.

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Beyond color, the overall look of the Mi 5 includes a rectangular home button that will probably also incorporate a fingerprint scanner, a thin screen casing and probably a dimensionless 2.5 cladding element, giving the feeling reminiscent of the Galaxy S6 Edge with a convex screen - though this is probably an illusion Only, and we would not recommend watching a screen with "really" curved edges here. In general, it can be stated that the new device draws quite a bit of inspiration from its flagship devices Which we saw in 2015, but seemingly without exaggerating and reaching a state of blatant copying and imitation.

tihml5 tihml4

In addition to the pictures, a short video was uploaded to the web that presents the Mi 5, which is designed for action, without too much interesting information, but with a significant strengthening of the assumption that this look is the mirror we will eventually receive in January. Excited?

Another picture of the device, for dessert


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