Get ready for interesting news: Samsung's new smartphones arrive on February 11 • HWzone

Get ready for interesting news: Samsung's new smartphones arrive on February 11

Trio of instruments S20, and possibly a new folding device, are set to star in the next big Unpacked event that is getting a date now

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The new year has just begun and here we are already announcing big launches that await us around the corner - the date of the next unpacked event of Watch the video that went to one of the Korean manufacturer channels on the Vimeo platform, with possible dull teasing for the product features that will be featured on it.

The next big media event of It will take place on Tuesday, February 11, as predicted by some leaks from the past few days, and will likely be conducted in San Francisco with online live broadcast for anyone interested across the network.

And what's on the menu? The short video shows two different geometric shapes that emerge from a surface with the Galaxy brand name - one is of a rectangle that is very reminiscent of the main camera array in modeled documentation of the Galaxy S20 models and the other of a supposedly hostile Should suggest a new folding model from the Galaxy Fold series.

It's hard to say that the video provides accurate answers about the smartphones to be unveiled at the event - but based on past experience it makes sense to assume that Would like to anticipate the flood of announcements in the mobile domain that will come as part of the exhibition In Barcelona at the end of February, with its own dedicated announcement that will allow it to enjoy the limelight and probably also a practical launch in stores before all 2020 competitors.

This is what the advanced rear camera system looks like on the S future, according to all the informal processes we have met so far

Fresh evidence indicates that the flagship products of The current year will get the names S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra, as a replacement for the name S11 we heard about earlier - and with the potential disappearance of the version Last year's low-priced S10e for a particularly large and prestigious Ultra model (with a screen of no less than 6.9 inches and a central 108-megapixel sensor).

Snapdragon 865 and Exynos 990 processing chips with 5G cellular capabilities, generous batteries of 4,500mAh and higher and screens with a high 90 Hz or even 120 Hz refresh rate are also expected to be part of the S20 - And we'll keep our fingers crossed that there are other planned technological surprises that haven't yet been unveiled and will surprise us with the positive in just over a month.

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