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Getting in numbers: How many Galaxy Fold devices did Samsung sell?

An official from the company released a statement of exciting sales of one million units in just a few months for the luxury folding model - and now we have an official denial for the figure

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First device With a folding screen continues to grab headlines, and as before usually it does not happen for the right reasons. Over the past day, the news has spread to the giant of the giant from across the network that the Galaxy Fold has become a huge economic success story with sales of one million units in just a few months from the launch date after the announced delay - twice the most optimistic estimates of Itself for the entire 2019 year. Time to open champagne? Apparently not quite.

Fresh reporting from Korean news agency Yonhap provides a formal denial of The data her official representative spoke about. Company President Sohn Young-Kwon may have been confused with the company's original Fold Model Sales estimate for the entire 2019 year, with the launch still set a target date at the end of April - but what is certain is that in practice Has not sold a million high-end smartphones with a super screen Foldable, and probably didn't even come close to that number.

Not every day we hear of a tech giant declaring its president wrong - but that's the case now for Samsung

This is a seemingly innocent mistake, but one that re-emphasizes the big challenge in marketing With a starting price tag of no less than 2,000 dollars which to this day raises a variety of question marks about its usability and most importantly its reliability and physical durability over time. It is certainly possible to assume that some consumers will decide to spend the large amount required for the emerging status symbol, but it is still difficult to imagine a situation in which the Fold will succeed in beating the forecasts.

We have no official sales data for the Fold so far, following the denial - and we also have no data for competitor sales (Pictured) at this point

The year 2019 will be remembered as a simple start period for the field of smartphones, but it is worth noting that future forecasts are much more optimistic - experts believe that You will be able to sell 6 million units with flexible and folding screens as early as next year, and jump that number to 20 million units in 2021. We can only hope that the reliability of sand, water and dust will prove itself - and that price tags will be cut as soon as possible and allow more users to consider upgrading positively.

It is likely that next year we will see a much larger number of folding smart devices - both vertically and horizontally

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