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Miniature handheld printer - with financing of over NIS X million

PrintCube is a small cube that promises to give you the ability to print easily and quickly on almost any surface - causing tens of thousands of users to throw their money at it

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Home printers are an area that has gained quite a bit of negative attention in recent years, with controversial quality products that stop working after a minimum number of uses, original color cartridges that dry quickly and replace them more than the entire printer and more grainy - so it's no wonder there are companies looking to make the field refreshing And more interesting.

One of those companies answers the unusual name TheGodThings and comes from New York with a project Unusual - PrintCube, A tiny manual that can be printed with temporary ink, or permanent ink on almost any surface, from paper to metal and various fabrics.

Meet the mastermind on - who is finishing his initial fundraising phase very soon

A companion app is the one that lets you determine what prints, how and what - and the 900mAh battery built into the small white cube that can easily be held in one hand should last for six consecutive hours of printing or up to a year in standby. Charging back to full capacity via connector Type-C will take two hours.

A video that tries to illustrate practical and helpful printing for employees - beyond gimmicks and limited time entertainment

The tiny printer is great for printing small emblems and decorations on various products you have at home to make them more special with a personal touch - but creators declare that you can print entire pages of text with the product, with the ability to print line by line from a document or Whole file.

Only 110 grams, wireless connectivity - and a promise of a decent battery life

PrintCube will come with its own inkjet cartridges, standard post-wipe or permanent ink designed to stay there for a long time like standard printer ink - but even if the ink is too expensive for your taste, the significant advantage of the product is the support of standard inkjet cartridges (HP62 or HP804 sample), and also support for alternative ink cartridges for products .

Prints on almost everything easily - at least according to the theory of those responsible for the project

Are you excited about the idea? There are two days left where PrintCube can be ordered at the minimum cost of social funding, which so far has chosen to participate in nearly 20,000 users who together have given over 10 million (!) To the manufacturing company, which promises to bring printers to customers even before the end of the current year . Printer base package with cartridge One standard (non-permanent) one will cost you 109 dollars, with an additional 10 dollars for shipment to the country (about NIS 420 value) - and with the option to purchase additional cartridges of Standard or Fixed in payment status.

With such a close delivery date and documentaries with hands-on demos - let's hope this is a financing project that won't disappoint the thousands who have chosen to invest in it.

The base package you will receive for an investment of 109 USD, with an additional 10 USD for shipping

Click here to go to the product page on the Indiegogo website


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