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Get to know the screen that will make smartphones more compact and interesting

Sharp reveals the type to a smart device with a non-square screen, and no border at all from three directions

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As we continue to wait impatiently for the truly flexible screens that can help us get smart devices in shapes and sizes we have never seen, the best solution in the market for the creation of more compact and special products is the semi-flexible screens used by companies like and- Some of their products - and now we may also see Sharp join this prestigious group.

The Japanese company, which will soon become a division under the Chinese giant Foxconn, presented at the CEATEC exhibition in Japan (considered the equivalent of the US CES) a concept device called Corner R, which is based on the impressive free-form screens that were previously presented for the automotive industry, Are limited only to a rectangular or rounded form and can actually act in any form whatsoever, as their name suggests.

Seems odd, or great?
Seems odd, or great?

The Corner R features an 5.2-inch screen, 1080p resolution and Sharp's renowned IGZO technology - and features a rounded upper at its edges, with very minimal margins on both sides and top. It's a bit difficult to explain it literally, but the documentation below makes it clear that this is one of the most unique designs we've seen in smartphones in recent years.

Corner R is unlikely to turn into a commercial product itself, but in the same breath, we certainly believe and hope the technology itself will find its way to smartphones and tablets soon - with the real potential to provide us with products that capture the screen over 90 percent of their front dimensions, so devices with oblique screen sizes Of 5.5 inches will be able to enter a body that is more similar to 5.2 inches, 5 inches will be able to take dimensions that are characteristic of standard 4.7 inches and the like.


It is worth noting that the Sharp prototype raises a number of significant questions, because it seems to give up the front camera and even the earpiece (which is necessary for hearing when talking on the device) to reach its unique shape - surely these will be challenges that all manufacturers will need to cope with using technology The intriguing.

Do you expect a real future for such works as the Corner R, or is it another favorite technology gimmick but not really useful? Tell us what you think about the reactions.

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We've already met with some smart devices that tried to remove the margins from the three sides of the display - but these were "standard" square screens, rather than a screen that adopts the specific shape of the device body, as in the case of the Corner R, which becomes even more compact


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  1. I argue that it is possible to put a speaker on the top of the device and a microphone in the bottom (as always) and give up the edge completely anyway no one is holding the phone on the screen, this is a behavior that we have weaned since the touch screen.
    If you tune the device (which is what will happen if there is no margin) as the distance between the microphone and the speaker will decrease and will fit between the ear and mouth.
    In addition, you can also put the speaker in the back, which will even have the same loudspeaker, and put a proximity sensor that lowers power if it is in front of the ear, you can put even cute graphics in a conversation so people will see it, it is both a promotional and cool

    1. Nice idea. It may be a little inconvenient to turn the device every time you want to look at the screen in the middle of a conversation. But the biggest problem remains and this is the Salafi camera

  2. Even with regular screens, the screen occasionally gets clicked on the edges even though you didn't mean to.
    So with a screen that curves into the sides really what will be?

  3. The solution to the earpiece problem is simple. The earpiece should be placed at the bottom and the call will be answered in reverse. Already, there are two microphones on the edges - one for speech and one for noise cancellation, just need to replace their function.

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