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Go for the jackpot: Huawei will unveil a collapsible 5G smartphone

Posters hung up as part of the recent preparations for the MWC conference in Barcelona reveal the mysterious Mate X - which folds in reverse Fold of Samsung

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Recent estimates predict that the P30 series of PXNUMX products It won't make its debut as part of the world's largest mobile show, which opens tomorrow (Sunday) in Barcelona, ​​but only at the end of next month at a dedicated event in Paris - but that doesn't mean the biggest Chinese manufacturer has no interesting plans for the upcoming event. What we are sure will be at the very least a flexible screen with a flexible screen and a device with connectivity - Both together in the same product.

An official marketing poster of a device called the Mate X was spotted on the premises of the MWC 2019 exhibition earlier than intended - and it is openly stated that it is the first device of its kind in the world that includes both 5G connectivity and a folding mechanism, Similar to the impressive Galaxy Fold that was revealed only a few days ago. There is a significant difference between the models, it is worth noting, when the mechanism of Includes a separate modest secondary screen and a large internal screen that is only revealed when you open - while I do The internal screen folds outward, so that the panel will be used in the closed mode.

Oops - the big secret is revealed all over the net a day before the right time

The poster reveals not only a significant advantage of The size of the screen will be available to consumers in the compact closed state of the device, but also a fairly unique structure of the body of the device that will include one thick corner and a narrower part so that it can be combined physical control buttons and a number of photographic sensors in the product while maintaining the minimum thickness both open and In its closed state.

Huawei's design is reminiscent of that of A prototype of the Chinese FlexPai smartphone from the end of last year, More than he mentions the application she chose For the technology

We do not have additional technical details about the Mate X (it is reasonable to assume that it will be based on Kirin is developing its subsidiary Hisilicon, along with a supporting modem Which was already introduced a year ago), but it will probably change very soon - an ambitious manufacturer's press conference is scheduled for noon tomorrow and will probably reveal the new Mate to us officially and fully. Stay tuned for more updates!

A promising opening shot for MWC


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  1. It seems to me that good folding devices will get us started at 2020. Reasonably priced only at 2021.
    But in my opinion, this is the most exciting innovation in the mobile world since the first iPhone on 2007.

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