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Goodbye to Android on tablets: Google stops offering the Pixel C in its store

The technology company officially eliminates its offerings of mobile operating systems - for the benefit of the OS

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Just before moving to 2018, the Pixel C, the last Android tablet from home , Has disappeared from the company's official store and will probably no longer return to it after two years of permanent availability - and that sounds like a symbolic step to indicate the technology giant's approach to the smart device market.

Android tablets have enjoyed a number of good years of growth, thanks in part to a push forward of the Nexus 7 models that Google and its partners have created, but lately it seems to have reached a dead end as sales and competition have dwindled. Smartphones' capabilities and sizes have grown, , While appliances Also became smaller, thinner and more profitable in a way that put pressure on the field on the other side. Despite various attempts made in the field, the Android system has not been able to develop interfaces and dedicated capabilities that would justify the acquisition of a tablet and tablet At the same time, in most cases.

After it stopped producing devices under the Nexus brand - Google erases every male tablet with a system In her personal store

Now that the Pixelbook tablet based on the Chrome OS system is Google's one and only product offered by Google in this market, we seem to have a bit of proof of the change in the air for quite some time now - the chrome-based operating system now includes official support for most of them Absolute of the Android apps and even the Play Store itself, and with another upgrade of the multitasking capabilities that will allow some Operate simultaneously in different windows (instead of a situation in it) Which is not in the upper window) will become a product that will "swallow" the mobile system and inherit it on devices with large screens, from 7 or higher.

The system OS continues to evolve and gain more advanced capabilities - making it a significantly better competitor than Android on the big screen

Does this all mean that one day we will see our smartphones get Chrome OS, when Android will be essentially the Play Store platform that will offer us its huge range of apps? It is probably too early to jump to such stark conclusions, but this possibility certainly sounds more logical than in the past. For now, it looks like Chrome OS expects a challenging competition in front of 10 and , Which are also updated and upgraded at high speed and become more flexible and varied, enabling them to operate on a wider range of products, screens of different sizes and price tags.

The Pixelbook remains the only expensive (and expensive) Google tablet offering

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